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Journal Entry: DL Classics: War of the Lance

by CG Drake

Number of Players: 5-6
Time Period: 2 years prior to the War of the Lance, up to its end.
Group Location: Kent State, OH

Some brief mechanical notes: As a Game Master, I hate preparing spells. Even before the DLCS was published, I'd created a spontanous casting divine class very similar to the Mystic. Thus, during this game the "Sorcerer" class is just another type of Wizard and the Mystic class presented in the DLCS is just another type of Cleric, and also requires a patron god. Since ambient magic is not part of the original Dragonlance Classics series, there is no need to deal with it.

As for Bards, I removed their spell progression entirely and gave them some bonus feats instead. Bards produce effects through their music (a god-granted power, but they don't know that yet).

This game was run from the Dragonlance Classics pdf files purchased from, with conversions by Cam Banks (for most of DLC 1) and myself (for Thorbardin and beyond). It includes information from all currently published Dragonlance material (in particular the War of the Lance 3.5 book - best D&D book I have ever purchased) as well as all of the Complete books, the Races books, and a whole slew of others as inspiration struck. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen!

Oh, and finally: While I made everyone use "canon" characters, I allowed them to completely change their abilities, classes, genders, and even places of current residence. Some characters meet sooner, others who originally grew up together now dodn't meet until the War is underway. Please consider this a shifted timeline, another route for the River of Time.

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