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Journal Entry: Scourge of Ansalon

by Reinbowarrior

Number of Players: 5
Time Period: War of the Lance

"The Scourge of Ansalon" is based around the mystery of the Solanthian Scourge – and the Scourge's dark master from beyond. It is based to introduce players to the world of Krynn in the late 4th Age – 358AC, just after the Blue Lady's war. The players are:

  • Ysgarran Uth Lindenmoor – A squire longing to be a knight. He is musclebound blonde with a wispy version of the Solmanic moustache that is his pride and joy. He wears ancient splint armour and carries a greatsword. He mourns the recent death of his father (A Knight of Solamnia) in Lord Soth's charge on Palanthas, His mother (a cleric of Kiri-Jolith) died when he was young. Lord Delson – an uncle, has put him up until he becomes a knight.
  • Lady Quithanalas Rutharian (Quinn) – Quinn is an elf maiden on the run from Silvamori. Having had a life of wealth and privilege she has no tolerance for most, and is on the run, having refuse marriage to her father's choice of husband. She dresses like a ranger and is accompanied by her dog Fenris. However she travels to Palanthas in order to find her cousin Emilia – from whom she wishes to secretly continue her study of magic.
  • Keldane the Clanless – Keldane was a Klar Dwarf, however a deep mystery in his past over the attitudes of Dwarves has lead Keldane to shun his former life and live off the land as a ranger. With a hatred of goblinoids and a love of brawls and beer, he is an iconic dwarf, utilising both axe and crossbow to devastating effect. He comes to Palanthas to escort the young squire to his knightly tests.
  • Solar Pons – A Solamnic from the town of Daron, and a devout worshiper of Shinare, having been swept up in Shinare's beliefs in trade and industriousness, he leaves his town to go to Palanthas to spread the word. He is naive about everything knowing little beyond his town and faith. He met Quinn in the trade caravan, where the two survived an attack from the Scourge's bandits.
  • Angarnis – A scarred and deformed mountain nomad from the Khalkists, he is hideously scarred and blind in one eye. But he is tough and with an Axe – deadly. The Dwarf Keldane intervened in a bar room brawl Angarnis' lack of manners began, but which the barbarians rage was determined to finish. He comes to Palanthas, but will not discuss his reasons with anyone.

The background to the campaign is that a number of thefts have been going on across Ansalon of legendary items and artefacts, bandits, and remainders of the Blue Dragonarmy all claim allegiance to a new leader – the mysterious Solanthian scourge – a master thief.

Items of legend have been stolen, and attacks on trade caravans increase. The knighthood seems unable to intervene effectively.

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