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Journal Entry: The Journal of Nathril Stoneshaper

by Tauren Kai-Jere

Number of Players: 5
Time Period: Post-War of Souls
Group Location: n/a

"It has been a little more than a year since the War of Souls ended and the people of Ansalon are still struggling to pick up the pieces. After a chance encounter with a wandering prophet of Kiri-Jolith in central Solamnia, the traveling hill dwarf weaponsmith, Nathril Stoneshaper, finds himself on a mission to find the prophesized "Heron Prince" and warn the fabled hero of the coming of the five "storm eagles." If the Prince cannot defeat the beasts, they will prevent the Solamnic people from overthrowing the occupying Nerakan forces and usher in a new era of oppression. Now wearing the medallion of faith of a priest of Kiri-Jolith, the staunch dwarven warrior drags his forge and cart of weapons throughout the land, arming the common people of Solamnia for the coming conflict and seeking the mythical hero that can turn the tide of battle for the forces of Light. These are the journals of his adventures.

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