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Journal Entry: WagonLance: Carriage of Heroes

by Tobin Melroy, Tim Deibel, Joey Garcia, Tom Hoge, Mike Patterson, Nick Mesloh

Number of Players: 5 PCs, 1 DM
Time Period: 422 AC (39 SC)
Group Location: Southeast Houston area, Texas

Who Plays What:

Tobin Melroy: Dungeon Master
Tim Deibel: Ephraim Stonesplitter
Joey Garcia: Cabral MuKamma
Tom Hoge: Radagaard Akselore
Nick Mesloh: Jokahl Frostweaver
Mike Patterson: Kaylar Lauton (previous character: Renarwyn Losh'twyth, deceased)

This game is based off the Age of Mortals campaign by Sovereign Press; "The Sylvan Key," Key of Destiny, Spectre of Sorrows, and Price of Courage. Most of the characters reign from Solanthus and so had a small journey to Pashin to start off the adventure (not played) which is recorded in the Prologue.

The title of the game "WagonLance" came from an interesting (if not very confusing) interaction between the DM and some of the players on the purchasing of a cart/wagon/carriage/stage coach. Let's just say the Players Handbook and the Arms and Equipment Guide were less than helpful.

Although everyone has been involved and has written at least some of what you'll find here, the main meat of the journal entries is written by Tim Deibel.

All of the players and the DM reside in the southeastern suburbs of Houston, TX, and they meet roughly once or twice a month.

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