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Journal Entry: Ancestor Stone Campaign Journal

by Kipper Snifferdoo

Number of Players: 5
Time Period: 422 AC (post-War of Souls
Group Location: Auburn, AL

Summary: Elven sisters Rouge and Theanna Oakleaf accidentally discover an ancient amulet in the hands of a mysterious figure known as the Green Man. When the villainous Green Man dies at the hands of their comrade Thaylin Chaosmoon the artifact comes into their possession and begins the elven twins and half-Kagonesti ranger down a dangerous road of discovery. The amulet bears the family crest of the elven twins and seemingly has the ability to trap the souls of the recently deceased. Accompanied by the kender sorcerer Telbin Shadowchaser and later by the dwarven cleric of Sirrion Forge Firespittle, the companions seek to uncover the mystery of the amulet and strive to do so before the forces of Chemosh can claim the magic and their very lives.

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