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Journal Entry: Dragonhelm's Age of Mortals Campaign

by Trampas Whiteman

Entry Date: 7/13/2005
Entry Number: 6
Entry Title: The Shattered Temple Part I

Note: Again, it has been some time since we played this game, so please forgive me if any details were left out. Also, Storm's player was late arriving for this session, so there's not much about him at first.

First, I'd like to present a DM's point of view on this one. This chapter is really neat, especially with the flickers. The DM seems to get the most enjoyment out of this chapter, which has sections that read like a novel. I'm not sure if that's lost on players at times or not.

The party examines the temple, and discovers the entrance at the top. They soon climb down it. Storm's player wasn't there, but his character would have undoubtedly looked a bit odd at that point.

Soon, the flickers began. I think this was a bit odd for the players at first, but they soon got into it as time went on. The one problem, from a gaming point of view, is that I felt like I was reading a story to my players. This flicker gives the players the idea that ogres destroyed this place.

The party begins exploring the temple, killing a few baddies along the way. Cat sees the body of a long-dead cleric of Paladine and decides to take his medallion of faith. When the party gets to the High Master's Locutory, they see the cobwebs but don't do a thing about them. Missed treasure here. Tee hee.

I think it was about the time that the party went to level 3 that Storm's player showed up. Though he was assured that they weren't going underground, he just knew it. Though he is still claustrophobic, he's now got enough control over it that he can function, though at a somewhat diminished capacity. Rule of thumb is -2 to attacks and skill checks when underground.

Long story short, the party has cleared out level three. The final battle in the dining area/kitchen was with an ooze. Cat attacked the ooze, and she split it in two with her rapier. At some point, the ooze attacked Wolfchaser and got a natural 20. My house rule is that natural 20's are double damage, and natural 1's are fumbles. The ooze leapt at Wolfchaser, surrounded his legs and torso, then reformed on the back end, eroding away Wolfchaser's clothes and equipment.

The party is currently resting after the last adventure, ready to head down to level 5.

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