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Journal Entry: Dragonhelm's Age of Mortals Campaign

by Trampas Whiteman

Entry Date: 3/26/2006
Entry Number: 11
Entry Title: The Peak of Malys

I didn't write up a campaign journal for the last game since it was fairly short, so I'll recap here. The party had traveled to Kendermore, where they encountered Deuce Spadestomper. Udar had used a poisoned dart on Deuce, thinking him a bad guy. They had to heal him, of course. The party also discovered that ogres were enslaving the kender. Which leads us to this game...

After several months of hiatus, we got to game again. One player couldn't make it, and another cancelled last minute, leaving me with two.

We are on the last chapter of Key of Destiny. While I like the chapter, I thought we had the opportunity to do something truly wonderful and different here, so I re-wrote it. The game was tentatively called, "It's all about Ben," but Ben didn't show. I really had little choice in the matter and went ahead anyway (sorry, Ben!).

The party began the climb up the Peak of Malys. The party traveled for a while, when they were attacked by a dragonspawn patrol. The dragonspawn wounded them pretty badly, and one roasted one of the kender NPC's with his breath weapon. The party stopped for the night while Shroud and Deuce built a cairn for Deuce Spadestomper from Kendermore.

During the night, the party is attacked by an old comrade, Wolfchaser, the Kagonesti druid who had gained the Blade of Betrayal. He attacked the party, demanding the Key of Quinari. Wolfchaser was back as a blighter now, using his blightfire ability against the party. As the battle progressed, his former wolf animal companion, now our ranger's animal companion, attacked his former master. His mouth clenched around his wrist, causing him to drop the dagger, even as the wolf's momentum propelled them both over the edge.

The party disposed of the Blade of Betrayal, dropping it in a lava pool.

During the remainder of the night, Shroud and Storm (the ranger) were talking, when Shroud commended Storm for not having a problem traveling with the dead. Bewildered, Storm asked questions, until Shroud revealed that Brother Bennith, our local Citadel Mystic (Ben's third character in my game), was undead. While the party is unaware of the details, Brother Bennith turned out to be a Beloved of Chemosh. Ben and I had planned this out earlier as he wanted to switch characters.

After some discussion with Cat (our swashbuckler), the party decided that Bennith hadn't done anything against them, so they just left him. They woke Bennith up and had a conversation with him about it. He proved to be defensive, but finally admitted it. Again, though, he did nothing against them, so they let him be. The first signs of him forgetting his former life began to show, though.

As a side note, Bennith became a Beloved the night he slept with a cleric of (ahem) Shinare. She had recently become a Beloved herself.

The party traveled through a series of tunnels, where they encountered the Phalanx. They discovered that the queen of the Phalanx had been taken prisoner by a wizard. The Phalanx led them to the caverns with the ogre tent city and the dragonspawn lair. The party sneaked around the ogres, and climbed up to the higher level. Bennith failed his climb check, and when he yelled up for some help, the ogres came after him. The rest of the party abandoned him to the ogres.

The party eventually found the kender, and defeated the guard. Freeing the kender, they made their way to the top of the peak, where they discovered the Ruins. There, they saw Sindra, the other ogre (titan wannabe), Willim the Black, and Zoe Left-Hand. Using an entangle spell, Storm trapped Zoe (who had been a friend in a former adventure) and the ogre. The party freed the Phalanx queen, killed the ogre, and defeated Sindra (barely).

On a cool note, our swashbuckler got in some good hits against Willim. He fell, prone, and she killed him, driving her sword into his arcane eye. Not before he thrust in a magical stone to the tower, which was being rebuilt by the Phalanx. The stone solidified the tower, restoring it to its former glory.

The party questioned Zoe, and she basically said that she was working with Willim to restore the Tower of Losarcum. At that moment, the Spirt of the Knife (thanks to Cam for the inspiration) appeared in robes mimicking the look of the Tower of Losarcum. The Spirit and Zoe updated the party on the current state of affairs with the Towers of High Sorcery.

The party were invited to spend the night at the Tower of Losarcum. There, in the middle of the night, the Spectre of Sorrows herself appeared, revealing that she had led the party on and that she was being held captive.

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