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Journal Entry: Knight's Test

by Luis Fernando De Pippo

Entry Date: 6/27/2006
Entry Number: 9
Entry Title: The Traitor

At the crack of dawn Eric awoke all of us and told us to get changed so we can capture Solanius. This morning I felt worse than I had felt in a long time and it was quite painful to get dress. Of my companions only Sheila noted that something was wrong with me, but I managed to avoid the topic.

So we set out to find Solanius and we found him. He was dying, along with his beloved dogs. He managed to live long enough to congratulate us on finding the culprit. That other knight, Crownguard, attacked him and stole the sword. He asked Eric to avenge him and we left him, but not before we got a letter from Lord Gunthar claiming that Solanius was innocent of the theft and that it was a test to prove the soon to be knight. When Solanius died Sheila and Zelda intoned prayers for his soul, while Eric sang the Solamnic Mourning Song. The elf also prayed, to whom I could not hear. Me? I just watched.

After the funeral nothing could have stopped Eric and Zelda from apprehending the traitor, or die trying. Forest and Sheila were also in the mood for justice, or revenge. Me?, I had seen too many deaths during the Third Dragon War to be affected by another one, but for many of my companions, excluding I think the elf, this was the first death they experienced.

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