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Journal Entry: Knight's Test

by Luis Fernando De Pippo

Entry Date: 6/27/2006
Entry Number: 6
Entry Title: Theft

Someone has stolen the Brightblade, a relic from a bygone age. This famous sword was in a corpse of a Solamnic Knight named Sturm Brightblade, some kind of hero of this age. Eric was enraged, as was Zelda. They insisted on investigating the tomb, so we went to the Chamber of Paladine, the tomb, to look for clues. Something is wrong here because the clues were surprisingly easy to find, too easy if you ask me. There were muddy footprints of dogs and a person.

When we investigated the lights went out and a jewel glowed in the darkness. Eric recognized it as a Solanthian light-gem, a gem custom made for someone important in that city. After asking some clever questions we learned the Sir Kellian Solanius has dogs and lives in Solanthus. I am starting to think that this theft is not really a theft. After all the clues are too obvious, I wonder what's happening here? To answer this question we will have to travel to Solanthus.

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