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Journal Entry: Knight's Test

by Luis Fernando De Pippo

Entry Date: 6/27/2006
Entry Number: 5
Entry Title: High Clerist's Tower

We arrived in the tower. I still remember it as it stood in my days, but I heard the Dragon Orb was destroyed during the War of the Lance, what a great waste of good magic!. Anyway we entered the tower and proceeded to the meeting hall, or whatever is called. Once there we were given back seats, all of us except Eric who had the first row.

What happened next was almost unbelievable. Someone tried to murder Gunthar Uth Wistan, the Grandmaster of the Knights, during the ceremony of the knighthood in their fortress. He had foolishly dismissed rumors about a traitor in the ranks, when the assassin stroke. I will have to give Eric some credit as he managed, barehanded, to knock him out and capture him but another knight, one Derek Crownsomething killed him before he could be interrogated. I have a bad feeling from that Derek character. Also there was quite a blond foxy lady on the benches. Many a gaze lingered to her, including mine as I am not made of stone, and the woman I thought I loved was revealed to be something more than a woman.

The following day Eric was taken to training and, after he returned, he confided that he has never been so tired in his entire life. We did different things while time passed. Zelda and Sheila debated theology with the priests of the tower and I don't know what the elf did, and do not really care.

I spent some time outside the tower reading my spellbook, wanting to grasp the magic that I can no longer access. It was during my study time that I met the madman: an old man that walked towards me, stared at me and said "Oh, great danger now, oh yes, oh yes!. When the Trickster crosses the Horned One, things go awry! Even now, your friends on the pedestal are in need for you, for the Soulstealer threatens...", then he fainted and professed not to know what I was talking about when he awoke. Things are getting complicated, for the Trickster is another name for Hiddukel and I had hanged with enough minotaurs to know that the Horned One is Kiri-Jolith, this does not bode good for us. I learned long ago not to mess with the gods, but then I cannot stop myself.

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