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Journal Entry: Knight's Test

by Luis Fernando De Pippo

Entry Date: 1/1/1900
Entry Number: 4
Entry Title: Dramatic Personalities

I have met the group I am to travel with and I must say that I am not impressed and, of course, they certainly weren't impressed with me. But it was satisfying to see them flinch when they saw my burning red eyes. Here is what they look like and my initial impressions:

  • Eric Azrak, is the squire that wants to be a knight. He is tall and appears to be quite strong. Almost a 6 feet tall mass of walking muscle, he doesn't appear to have much in the brain department, but then never judge a book by the cover as the aesthetics say. He has brown eyes and auburn hair and seems to prefer the sword as a weapon.

  • Zelda Azrak, a cleric of Paladine. This haughty blond statuesque woman appears to be very self-possessed and is so strong in her faith, that even I can feel it. She is quite striking and has an unearthly beauty, and it is difficult to believe that she and the knight are brother and sister. She is five feet five and quite well built, with deep blue eyes. Apparently her father is a Knight and her mother a cleric, so they decided that their offspring should follow they footsteps. It must be nice to have your future decided for you. My adoptive parents were innkeepers and, if not for the war, I might still be serving customers on Darrows Nest, but then again probably not! In moments like this I wonder who my real parents were, I guess I will never known.

  • Gods this time frame does not cease to amaze me. There is a half-kender! A half-kender! Who in his madness would want to breed with a kender? She appears to be quite nice and is a thief, but she calls herself a druid. Actually I believe that she worships Chislev and I saw some things that lets me think that the goddess favors her, even though she has no, apparent, spellcasting capabilities. But I am too jaded to really think about a spellcasting kender, even a half one. Sheila is 4 feet five and has a raven black hair with black eyes. Sheila Naturelover is her name, but I don't know if it is her real name or a given one. She doesn't talk about her parents, and I don't know which one is the kender one.

  • Lastly we have an elf in the group, She knows how much do I dislike elves so this must be one of Her little jokes. He is a Silvanesti elf, something called a Kirath, whatever that means. Later I learned that a Kirath is, apparently, some kind of special ranger, trained to combat the Nightmare of Lorac. He gives a new meaning to the word proud and I am no baby in that regard.

He barely deigns to acknowledge us "lesser beings" and I really don't know what is he doing with us, apart from paying a debt of honor to the knight's father if I heard right. He stands five feet tall and has the typical obnoxiousness of a Silvanesti elf, his name is Forest Travelgate, or so he says. What kind of name is that for an elf?

As I said before I am not impressed and I can't help but wonder, what does She want me to do with this group? I wonder if the time travel has affected me more than I thought? I do not feel well.

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