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Journal Entry: Knight's Test

by Luis Fernando De Pippo

Entry Date: 1/1/1900
Entry Number: 2
Entry Title: Learning

While in the library, the Old One reminded me of a promise I made to him. So before I could even begin to learn about this new age I had to set pen to paper and write a detailed account of the Third Dragon War events that I participated. It took me almost a month, but finally Astinus authorized me to peruse the volumes in the library.

She has appeared again and told me to wait for some instructions, as the "purpose behind my time traveling will be revealed soon".

I wanted to tell Her to leave me alone, but I carry the sign of Her office so I cannot refuse. To entertain myself I started reading the history of past ages, my jump took me much forward than I had been led to believe.

History has certainly become much more interesting after Huma defeated the Dark Queen. Such events as the rise of Istar, the great Cataclysm, the return of the evil dragons (I told Grand Master Oswald that the oath that Huma managed to get from the Dark Queen would not hold), the withdrawal of the gods and their return. I am exhausted and this information is too much to digest.

I should go to Wayreth or try to enter the Tower here in Palanthas, even if it cursed, but I dare not cross Her will, much... So again I will wait.

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