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Journal Entry: Knight's Test

by Luis Fernando De Pippo

Entry Date: 6/27/2006
Entry Number: 13
Entry Title: The Ceremony of the Feast

Five days after the execution we were summoned to the Chamber of Paladine. There the knights laid the body of Kellin Solanius and returned the Brightblade to Sturm's chest. It was a solemn, tearful ceremony, for my companions. But as I was present when the knight´s buried Huma I was not impressed, not moved, by the ceremony.

That night Eric had to sit through his vigil in the chapel of the Knight's Spur, his vigil to become a knight. In the morning he was dressed in white robes and went through the ceremony, where, at the end of it, he was welcomed to the rank of the Knights of Solamnia.

After the ceremony a big party followed. Sheila took me to dance, gods how much I hate to dance, and Eric was too busy receiving congratulations from his peers. We also met Eric's and Zelda's parents, as well as some mysterious robed figure in gray who gave his name as Furball. I swear that the elf was also having fun! Even the ice queen apparently melted a little. I am beginning to think that this group may work yet, but they will have to work without me.

I fail to see what was so important about this mission, that she ordered me to go. Well I will worry about it later as I am not really feeling well, maybe I will go to a temple to see if something is wrong with me.

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