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Journal Entry: Knight's Test

by Luis Fernando De Pippo

Number of Players: 5
Time Period: 19
Group Location: Argentina

This campaign started way back when I returned from the USA with the Tales of the Lance Boxed Set and the adventure Knight´s Sword. A friend of mine had been DM AD&D for quite some time and decided to give Dragonlance a shot. So my Tales box and the adventure went to him.

This was the first adventure that our group ran together. The players had not met before, except for the DM and me, who had played solo adventures. But the DM was experienced and had run adventures before with another group. The player’s in the group, and myself, were new to roleplaying and, in the beginning, we were more munchkins than role players. But we learned quickly how to roleplay. We had two females in the group, quite a rarity where we played.

The adventure is based on the module Knight’s Sword, set two years after the Blue Lady’s War. It was the opening adventure that would consolidate the group for our next challenge. The journals are written from my wizard’s viewpoint, a wizard with a great ego. The participation of the wizard was not as decisive as the journal portrays, but some of his background filters through the journal. The journals that follow this one will give even more information about all of the player’s pasts and were written long after we played the adventure, so some points are sketchy. Dragonbane's stats are posted on the Nexus here.

Spoiler Warning

The Journal spoils the adventure! If you have not played Knight’s Sword or intend to do so, do not keep reading, as it will ruin the adventure for you.

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