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by Paul Record

Recommended for games set during the 'Beyond the War of Souls' time period.

Northern Ergoth is a temperate land of warmth and grasslands. Roving dire wolf packs pose a danger to anyone near the Dermount River, and Raekel's pit is the home to blasphemous beings that come down to haunt the local hamlets. On this island, dark-skinned people work the land, farming rice paddies. Others ply the seas, seeking high adventure on the open horizon.

In Gwynned lives Princess Mercideth. She is hosting a special event at the palatial building the Bardic College calls home when it visits the capital. In return for the use of this building, the college holds a free concert for the citizens. However, the college Kapellmeister baton was stolen. In return for a group of adventurers getting the baton back, the Kapellmeister is willing to pay a substantial reward and provide one-year of tutoring for free. The Kapellmeister is able to point the group in the general direction the thief fled.

As soon as the group gets under way, they are assaulted by a small band of thugs. The thugs are trying to get the adventurers to cry off their search for the baton and seek adventure elsewhere.

Patty Grimmtoes, a lieutenant in the local thieves guild, has decided to expand the guilds operations and plans on using the special event as cover for the increased thefts. Patty does not care whom the guild targets, including the city authorities.


  • What started as a simple quest for a baton has turned into a full-fledged battle for survival as the group finds itself in the middle of a guild civil war.
  • A rival in the college ordered the baton theft and now has hired a street fighter to stop the group.
  • The City Guard mistakes the group as guild thieves.

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