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Domani Codex

by Trampas Whiteman

Recommended for games set during the 'Not Applicable' time period.


During an adventure in Solamnia, an ancient text that dates back to the Third Dragon War is discovered. This text, the Domani Codex, makes claims that contradict many of the existing legends and historical records of Huma Dragonbane. The Domani Codex is a compilation of writings of a Knight of the Sword named Alric Domani.

According to the Domani Codex, Huma Dragonbane died before the final battle with Takhisis. Alric Domani masqueraded as Huma for the final days of the Third Dragon War. The final entry details how Takhisis entered the world and how he would face her. There are suggestions that he may make a bargain with her, though nothing is concrete.


Such a text would undoubtedly shake the foundations of the Knights of Solamnia. How it is handled can lead to several adventures.

The heroes may find themselves in a position to where they may have to decide whether or not to reveal the existence of the Codex. What happens when an aesthetic wants to in order to have a correct historical record? Will the heroes disprove the words of the Codex? How can they when the text is over a thousand years old?

The forces of evil may get their hands on the Codex as well. Dark Knights armed with the Codex could start a propaganda campaign that could lead many to believe that the Knights of Solamnia are founded on lies.

During the course of the adventure, the heroes could very well come across Alric Domani, who has suffered eternal damnation as a death knight. He may be cursed for writing lies about Huma, and he may very likely be insane. Could it be that the real truth is far worse?

Era of Play:

This adventure hook is good any time during the War of the Lance through the Age of Mortals.

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