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Brother Wizard, Sister Sorcerer

by Trampas Whiteman

Recommended for games set during the 'Not Applicable' time period.


A Wizard of High Sorcery approaches the heroes about helping him to track down a renegade sorcerer, one whose power threatens the town of Walren (or any other local town in your campaign). The sorcerer is said to be working with the local thieves' guild, and possesses a dangerous magical artifact – the Scarab of Destrad. Any other magical artifact will do as well.

The heroes can track down the sorcerer in any number of ways. They can check the local constabulary or send one of their own to infiltrate the thieves' guild. However they go about locating the sorcerer, it should become apparent that the sorcerer isn't all that she appears.


The truth behind the sorcerer is that she is the wizard's sister. The two may like each other, hate each other, or generally be indifferent.

If the wizard is a White Robe, he may be concerned over the fate of his misguided sister. At this point, the sister could have been arrested by the local constable, who is known for his fear and distrust of magic.

If the wizard is a Red Robe, he may be seeking to retrieve the artifact in order to eliminate a potential threat to arcane magic. The party discovers that the sorcerer is a member of a covert cell of Steel Legionnaires, who also seeks to keep the artifact for safekeeping. When the two sides come head-to-head, the party will have to make a decision between the two. Another possibility here is that the sorcerer has asked the Legion of Steel for asylum against the wizard.

If the wizard is a Black Robe, he is simply trying to retrieve the magical artifact from the sorcerer. He may have disguised himself as a Red Robe to fool the heroes. In this scenario, the sorcerer may be an innocent. The Black Robe will try to convince the heroes that the sorcerer is a liar and that the stone will be very dangerous in anyone else's hands but his own. The sorcerer may have sought to pawn off the artifact. If she has succeeded, then the heroes may have another villain to contend with.

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