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Solamnic Chainmail

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Damien

Solamnic Chainmail (+5 AC)

We all love the great, shining armour of the Solamnic Knights. Their plate mail is their fame, it identifies them to each other and to onlookers. Their armour is a sense of pride as much as protection. But have you ever tried adventuring for a few years in a set of plate-mail? Climbing the sheer face of a cliff, among other adventuring duties is simply not easy wearing an excess of 50 pounds of steel. Because of this, the Knights of Solamnia were quick to come up with a solution that wouldn't leave them totally unarmoured, but would still grant them more mobility and less encumberance than their famed plate mail. Solamnic chainmail was created for those Knights of Solamnia who must venture out into the world for extended periods of time. Solamnic chain is a full tunic (thigh length with full sleeves) of Masterwork chainmail. Woven into the center of the tunic with gold and silver cording is the symbol of the Knight's order, just as the plate mail's breastplate would bear. Far easier to wear while adventuring, while still granting a Knight the proper respect and dignity due to him. Solamnic chainmail has never been seen in the hands of anyone but a Solamnic Knight.

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