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Axe of Kagonos

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Damien

This three-foot long battle axe was used by the Wild Elf -Kaganos and is considered an important relic to the Kagonesti. As such, they would never allow a non-Kagonesti to find and use the axe. Kaganos took this axe from the Elflord - Quithas to save a Silver Dragon who was, at the time, guised as a great ram. The axe is single-edged with a spike opposite the blade, the smooth wooden haft is decorated by grips of steel and the butt of the haft is capped with a small steel spike. Thought to have been enchanted by Silvanos himself, the Axe of Kaganos functions as a +2 battle axe and does an extra 1d4 damage against Ogres.

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