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Solamnic Broadsword

AD&D (1e/2e) Rules

by Damien

Damage: 2d4 (+1 **)
Weight: 3 lbs.
Type: Slashing, Piercing

Solamnic broadswords are wonderful examples of the finest blacksmithing in all the human-lands of Ansalon. Keen-edged and strong, Solamnic broadswords have a fine point, even though they are primarily slashing weapons and not piercing. Roughly 39 inches in total length with a straight crossguard and almond-shaped pommel, the Solamnic broadsword is very plain in appearance, though it is decorated with the symbol of the Kingfisher at the center of the crossguard and on the pommel.

** The +1 bonus only applies when the sword is wielded by a Knight of Solamnia.

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