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Kirath Equipment

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Joe Mashuga

The vast majority of kirath acquire boots and cloaks of elvenkind as soon as possible, as stealth equates to survival for these scouts. The kirath always personalize their equipment by use of oils, feathers, stones, and dyes that reveal the kirath's deeds or background.

Atrakha: This set of joined wooden tubes forms the basis for the codespeak "language" used by the kirath. The atrakha is often worn around the neck, and normally measures two inches in length. Experienced kirath play the atrakha like bards would play an instrument, blowing through the tube and sliding them to produce a variety of common forest sounds. Some kirath learn the atrakha as an instrument in its own right (a character can spend 1 rank in the Perform skill to learn the atrakha).

Some atrakha sounds can be heard for one or two miles, and a kirath in danger can twirl his atrakha overhead to emit a howling noise that can be heard up to six miles away. This last method is only used in times of great danger, for it easily alerts predators to the presence of the kirath. The kirath are the only known manufacturers of the atrakha; some Silvanesti elves make similar tools, but these imitations cannot be used for codespeak.

Atrakha are only sold to elves (30 gp). The kirath never teach codespeak to non-kirath, even if an atrakha is owned. Enchanted atrakha are unheard of.

Greenmask: Encroaching green dragons forced the kirath to create defenses for themselves. The greenmasks were the first notable success. Greenmasks enclose the wearer's entire face up to the ears, and lack nose or mouth holes. The mask's interior holds a small batch of prepared herbs, which were originally designed to counteract the effects of green dragon breath. However, this herbal mixture also protects the greenmask wearer against swamp gasses, cloudkill or stinking cloud spells, and similar noxious fumes. The greenmask bestows a +4 bonus to Fortitude saves against inhaled substances, and a +2 bonus to Reflex saves against the breath weapon of green dragons (the greenmask does not make the kirath any faster, but it does prevent accidental inhalation of toxic fumes). The herbs must be replaced after 10 hours of use, and most kirath carry greenmask "refills" in various pouches.

Greenmask wearers suffer a —2 penalty to Listen checks, but most kirath willingly accept this hindrance. Also, the wearer's speech is unintelligible at distances greater than 30 feet, but since kirath use codespeak, this also does not bother them. A character with the Profession (herbalist) skill can attempt to duplicate the mix of exotic herbs, but this is very difficult (DC 35). The kirath do not share the secrets of this herbal mixture with non-kirath.

Greenmasks are only sold to other Silvanesti (500 gp). Some kirath enchant the lenses of their greenmasks, while others may have the entire greenmask enchanted. An enchanted greenmask takes up the "headband/helmet" and "lenses/goggles" magical item locations.

Soris: The soris is an ingenious weapon that doubles as a tool. A ball-like joint connects two pieces of light yet stout wood. The upper end is eighteen inches long, with small folding hooks and a rope hand-loop. The soris' lower end is five feet long and tipped with a needle-like metal point. A leather thong is affixed to the lower end, approximately twelve inches from the joint. The joint can be locked in any position, giving the soris a length between five feet and nearly seven feet.

A proficient wielder gains a +2 circumstance bonus to Balance and Climb checks when the soris is used in preference to other tools (such as a climber's kit). In combat, the soris can be configured as a club (folding the soris together), a light flail (letting the shorter end swing freely), or a shortspear (fully extending the soris). Two hands are used to configure a soris. If a kirath makes a Dexterity check (DC 15) he may configure the soris as a free action, otherwise it requires a standard action.

When the soris is used as a light flail, you get a +2 bonus on your opposed attack roll when attempting to disarm an enemy (including the opposed attack roll to avoid being disarmed if you fail to disarm your enemy). You can also use the soris to make trip attacks. If you are tripped during your own trip attempt, you can drop the soris to avoid being tripped. The kirath can use the soris in its flail configuration even if he is not proficient in the light flail.

A soris is a masterwork weapon that weighs 6 pounds. They are never sold to non-kirath.

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