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Tamas Rhaal (4E Warlock)

by Nael

Male eladrin warlock 16
Strength12 Fortitude+25 Armor Class30
Dexterity20 Reflex+29 Flat-footed ACNA
Constitution15 Will+27 Touch ACNA
Intelligence15 AlignmentEV Base Attack-
Wisdom14 Speed- Melee Attack+13
Charisma20 InitiativeNA Ranged Attack+13
Hit Points102 SizeMedium

Racial Traits:

low-light vision, fey step

Class Traits:

eldritch blast, infernal pact (Dark One's Blessing), shadow walk, warlock's curse

Paragon Class Traits (Disciple of Jiathuli):

Blessing of Jiathuli (11th) By expending an action point to take an extra attack action a successful attack entangles your enemy in a diabolic web (See web spell). You are immune to the webbing and may move about normally.

Spider Call (11th) If an enemy dies while under the effects of your warlock's curse two large spiders erupt from its chest to fight as your allies. (See Minion rules).

Enhanced Spider Call (16th) Rather than two minion spiders you summon a bloodweb spider swarm.


Arcana, History, Intimidate, Religion


Astral Fire, Burning Blizzard, Dark Fury, Defensive Mobility, Great Fortitude, Improved Dark One's Blessing, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Two Fold Curse, Weapon Focus (Pact Blade)

Warlock Class Powers:

At will – hellish rebuke, vampiric embrace
Encounter – fiery bolt, infernal moon curse, soul flaying
Daily – armor of Agathys, avernian eruption, iron spike of dis
Utility – ambassador imp (spider form), cloak of shadow, fiendish resilience, spider climb

Paragon Path Powers (Disciple of Jiathuli):

Encounter - venom blast (3d8+2 acid and poison, 5 burst)
Utility - chiton armor (+5 AC, +5 Fortitude Defense)


Widow's Kiss (+3 life-drinking pact blade)


Spiderhaunt Shroud (+3 bloodthread armor)


amulet of protection +3, eldadrin boots, bracers of mighty striking, shadowfell gloves


Tamas is a Talonesti elf (Eladrin), but may pass as a full blooded Silvanesti when dealing with humans or those unfamiliar with Ansalon's elves. He has long white blonde hair and dark amber eyes that show no mercy.

Tamas often masquerades as a wizard of High Sorcery of either Red of Black robes. This has recently been brought to the attention of the Conclave and two very experienced renegade hunters were dispatched to apprehend him. Both failed and in an audacious move Tamas returned one of the hunter's heads preserved in honey to the door of Dalamar as a gift.


Tamas uses his ability to teleport in order to facilitate assassinations. Tamas prefers to fight from a distance, but will use his fey step and shadow walk abilities in order to get a jump on an opponent while wielding his wickedly curved pact blade, Widow's Kiss. If possible Tamas will immobilize an enemy and then close with him to deliver a blow with the lethal life-draining blade. At the beginning of any combat Tamas will use his warlock's curse to curse as many opponents as possible. With each enemy to fall he will either summon spider minions or spider swarms which he will use to gain combat advantage.


Tamas Rhaal was born on the continent of Adlatum in the lands of Gildanesti. His father, a well respected Talonesti Elf - who along with his wife - owned and operated a profitable Gildanesti-Onarian trade concern were ambushed and robbed by a small raiding party of Avanesti. Tamas hid beneath an overturned wagon and witnessed the brutal murder if his family and their employees.

Tamas was rescued after three weeks alone in the wilderness by a patrol of Gildanesti mercenaries returning from Onar. His claims of flying elves was seemed as the ravings of a half-starved boy who had seen more than any child should. Tamas was returned to Elinost where he was raised by a cruel uncle who was to manage Tamas' inheritance until his majority at twenty years of age. Tamas' uncle instead tossed him into a ruined basement and abandoned him to die.

In the cobweb shrouded darkness Tamas was bitten multiple times by a vast number of spiders. While in a venom induced coma he was visited by a soft comforting voice that offered him vengeance and salvation in return for service. Angry at his uncle's betrayal and the scorn of his rescuers Tamas agreed to serve the voice. Tamas awoke with powers granted to him by Jiathuli, whom he believes to be a goddess, and swiftly murdered his uncle and his family.

Rather than stay in Elinost Tamas fled and sought out rumors of the winged elves to the south. It took him twelve years but he succeeded in locating the small mountain aerie claimed by the winged elves who attacked and destroyed his family's caravan. He looted their holdings and then brutally severed the wings of all the Avanesti children in front of their paralyzed parents. Then he murdered all the adult Avanesti and leaft the mutilated children to fend for themselves.

For many years after Tamas traveled across Adlatum sowing lies and weaving webs of distrust and deceit until he was captured by a group of Kunda kender. The Kunda used a mighty magic which transported Tamas to a land far to the west. Tamas awoke half dead amid the blasted sands of Khur with all of his possessions. Jiathuli convinced him that she had saved him and brought him to this new land in order to build her faith among the unbelievers. Tamas has since wandered the south to gain followers. The Khur people have tried many times to kill him for being elven.

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