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Valtares (formerly Valtan)

by Trampas Whiteman

Male Vapor Draconian Vapor Draconian 7/Sorcerer 1/Dragon Disciple 3
Strength22 Fortitude+8 Armor Class21
Dexterity8 Reflex+4 Flat-footed AC18
Constitution15 Will+11 Touch AC16
Intelligence12 AlignmentNG Base Attack+5
Wisdom13 Speed30 Melee Attack+7
Charisma18 Initiative+0 Ranged Attack+4
Hit Points103 SizeLarge
Skill Name Bonus
Appraise +5
Bluff +8
Craft (carpentry) +5
Diplomacy +6
Disable Device +3
Escape Artist +4
Fly +5
Heal +3
Intimidate +9
Knowledge (arcana) +9
Knowledge (dungeoneering) +5
Knowledge (engineering) +5
Knowledge (geography) +5
Knowledge (history) +8
Knowledge (local - Tarsis) +5
Knowledge (nature) +6
Knowledge (nobility) +5
Knowledge (planes) +5
Knowledge (religion) +6
Linguistics +3
Perception +6
Perform (mandolin) +5
Perform (sing) +5
Profession (scribe) +9
Sleight of Hand +2
Spellcraft +6
Stealth +1
Survival +6
Use Magic Device +8

"It is dangerous to carry an actual starjewel, so I had this one etched into my scales so I can always carry it with me."

"In brightest day and blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship Evil's Might beware my power - the Legion's Light!"


Darkvision (60 ft.), Low-Light Vision, gallop, immune to paralysis and magical sleep effects, Death Throe, natural armor +6, glide, SR 14.

Fly Speed: 40ft (poor)

Dragon Resistances: Resist 5 acid.

Bloodline: Draconic

Bloodline Arcana: Whenever you cast a spell with the acid energy descriptor, that spell deals +1 point of damage per die rolled.

Bloodline Powers: Green dragon type.

Blood of Dragons: Add dragon disciple levels to sorcerer levels for bloodline abilities.

Breath Weapon:4d6 points of acid damage. 30' cone. Those caught in the area of the breath receive a Reflex save for half damage. DC: 15. Usable 2/day.

Disease Immunity (Ex): Valtan is immune to all diseases.

Inspired by Dragons (Ex): Vapor draconians are drawn to dragons and revere them. Beginning at 3rd level, when a vapor draconian is under the command of a true dragon whose alignment is within one step of its own, or when entering a battle under the command of such a dragon, the vapor draconian receives a +1 morale bonus on all attacks and saving throws.

Knowledge Domain Granted Power: You treat all Knowledge skills as class skills.

Lore Keeper (SP): You can touch a creature to learn about its abilities and weaknesses. With a successful touch attack, you gain information as if you made the appropriate Knowledge skill check with a result equal to 20.

Low Metabolism: Also at 6th level, vapor draconians can survive on one-tenth the food and water it takes to sustain a human.


Combat Casting, Diehard, Endurance, Eschew Materials, Iron Will, Run,Skill Focus (Knowledge [history]), Skill Focus (Fly), Skill Focus (Profession [scribe]).


Common, Draconic, Nerakese.

Cleric (Mystic) Spells Prepared (CL 4th;
Spell Save DC: 11 + spell level):

0 (at will): Create water, light, purify food & drink, resistance.
1st: Cause fear, comprehend languages*, cure light wounds, detect evil.
2nd: Cure moderate wounds, detect thoughts*, resist energy.

* Domain spell
Domain: Knowledge

Sorcerer Spells Known 5/3 (CL 1st;
Spell Save DC: 14 + spell level):

0 (at will): Acid splash, detect poison, prestidigitation, read magic, resistance
1st (6/day): Magic missile, obscuring mist, true strike


+7/+7 melee (1d4+6/1d4+6 - Claws) and +1 melee (1d4+9 - Bite)
+8 melee (1d8+7 - Heavy Mace)


CMB: +11
CMD: 20


Heavy mace +1, monk's robes, bag of holding (type I), 2 sets of magic manacles (open when tapped twice), 1 week of trail rations, 2 waterskins, hooded lantern, flint & steel, 3 flasks of oil, 2 sacks, 200 steel pieces, cloak of resistance +1, potion of bull's strength.


Valtan stands 6'3", and has an average build. His has green scales covering his body. He has no external ears nor horns. A crest runs from his head down his body. Valtan wears brown-and-white robes.


Valtan is a vapor draconian, born of the egg of a green dragon at the end of the War of the Lance. He fought with his brethren as they escaped the temple of the Dark Queen and gained their freedom.

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