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Centurion Duncan DuBold

by Henrad

Male Civilized Human Warmage 10 / Legendary Tactician 1
Strength14 Fortitude+6 Armor Class23
Dexterity16 Reflex+6 Flat-footed AC20
Constitution12 Will+7 Touch AC15
Intelligence15 AlignmentNG Base Attack+6
Wisdom11 Speed20 ft. Melee Attack+8
Charisma20 Initiative+3 Ranged Attack+9
Hit Points49 SizeMedium


Leadership Bonus +1, Armored Mage (light and medium), Warmage Edge +2, Advanced Learning (floating disk, wind wall)


Abrasive, Focused


Spellcasting Prodigy, Leadership (base+17), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Spell Focus (Evocation), Sudden Enlarge (b), Sudden Empower (b)


Bluff +3, Concentration +16, Diplomacy +8, Intimidate +20, Knowledge (arcana) +16, Knowledge (history) +7, Listen -1, Spellcraft+18, Spot -1


(Caster Level 10th, Save DC: 10+spell level +6: Evocation +1)
Spells per Day (6/8/8/7/6/4) (can cast any spell on warmage spell list + floating disk and wind wall)


Common, Abanasssian, Goblin, Ogre


+2 shortspear (Strategy) (+10/+5 melee/+11 ranged; 1d6+2 crit x2 range 20ft. Type: Piercing)


+2 shortspear (Strategy), +2 breastplate, cloak of charisma +2, gloves of dexterity +2, ring of protection +2, adventurer's clothes, back pack, 5 torches, tanglefoot bag, medium war-horse, bedroll, winter blanket, 5 days of trail rations, flint and steel, Khas board


Burly and barrel-chested Duncan DuBold has short cropped brown hair. He wears a full beard on his face. Reasonably fit, he has developed a bit of ale abs in his latter years. He had a 3 inch scar over his left eye and several on his chest. He wears standard clothing under his armor, with little time or desire for pretense.


Duncan is strong willed and abrasive. Well liked by his men, Duncan is proud to have made a name for himself in an arena predominated by those much stronger than he. He is fond of his men and disdains anything that elevates him above them. He serves as Centurion only because his men will it, not by his own choice.


Duncan DuBold was born in Solace and first created his brand of sorcery at the Academy of Sorcery under Palin Majere. Upon graduation Duncan left Solace to see more of the world and practice his specialized art. While traveling in the Kharolis Mountains, Duncan was ambushed by ogres.

After a week in captivity, the ogres decided he was plump enough to eat. Just as the fire over which he was tied to a spit over was lit, a Legion Century attacked the ogre tribe, rescuing him. Duncan has been with the Legion of Steel ever since.

Duncan was named Centurion of his century 6 months ago. He bases himself out of the town of Barter and makes raids against the goblins and Dark Knights in the area. He's had more successes than losses, but nearly lost an eye and his entire century in the last battle. Neither his legionnaires or his own confidence has diminished.

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