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Jaclyn Cashell, Red Robe Historian

by Trampas Whiteman

Female Human Wizard 4/WoHS (Red Robe) 3/Loremaster 6
Strength10 Fortitude+5 Armor Class15
Dexterity9 Reflex+3 Flat-footed AC15
Constitution12 Will+15 Touch AC15
Intelligence19 AlignmentN Base Attack+6/+1
Wisdom13 Speed30 Melee Attack+6/+1
Charisma14 Initiative-1 Ranged Attack+5/+0
Hit Points42 SizeMedium


Arcane Research +1, Greater Lore, Lore, Loremaster Secrets (Dodge Trick, Newfound Arcana, Secrets of Inner Strength), Moon Magic, Order Secret (Magic of Change), Summon Familiar, Tower Resources


Appraise +10, Concentration +11, Craft (Alchemy) +14, Decipher Script +14, Gather Information +12, Intimidate +8, Knowledge (Arcana) +24, Knowledge (History) +21, Profession (Scribe) +11, Spellcraft +14, Use Magic Device +8.


Brew Potion, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Rod, Craft Staff, Scribe Scroll, Skill Focus (Knowledge [Arcana]), Spell Focus (Transmutation)

Character Traits:

Absent Minded (+1 to Knowledge checks, -1 to Listen and Spot checks)


Common, Magius, Abanasinian, Ergot, Kharolian, Nordmaarian, Solamnic,


Wizard Spells Prepared (4/6/5/5/5/3/2/1; save DC 14 + spell level, 15 + spell level for Transmutation): 0—cleaning, detect magic, mage hand, read magic; 1st—animate rope, comprehend languages, feather fall, identify, magic weapon, true strike; 2nd—cat's grace, knock, levitate, locate object, truth-testing; 3rd—arcane sight, blink, clairaudience/clairvoyance, fly, haste; 4th—arcane eye, locate creature, polymorph, scrying, stone shape; 5th—fabricate, passwall, telekinesis; 6th—legend lore, move earth; 7th—ethereal jaunt.

Spellbook: 0—all cantrips; 1st—animate rope, comprehend languages, detect familiar, detect secret doors, enlarge person, erase, expeditious retreat, feather fall, identify, jump, magic weapon, reduce person, true strike. 2nd— alter self, bear's endurance, bull's strength, cat's grace, darkvision, detect thoughts, eagle's splendor, fox's cunning, knock, levitate, locate object, owl's wisdom, pyrotechnics, rope trick, see invisibility, spider climb, stone shards, trace magic, truth-testing, whispering wind. 3rd—arcane sight, arcane staff (lesser), blink, clairaudience/clairvoyance, detect dragon, dragon's blood, dragonbane, flame arrow, fly, gaseous form, haste, keen edge, magic weapon (greater), secret page, shape of the beasts, shrink item, slow, stonesight, tongues, water breathing. 4th—arcane eye, awaken the mind, chitinskin, detect scrying, enlarge person (mass), locate creature, part death's shroud, polymorph, reduce person (mass), scrying, stone shape. 5th—animal growth, arcane staff, baleful polymorph, fabricate, overland flight, passwall, prying eyes, share sight, telekinesis. 6th—analyze dweomer, control water, disintegrate, flesh to stone, hardening, legend lore, move earth, reshape metal, stone to flesh, true seeing. 7th—control weather, ethereal jaunt, reverse gravity, statue, vision.


Staff +6/+1 melee (1d6/x2)


Red Robes, Boots of the Winterlands, Bracers of Armor +3, Ring of Protection +2, Staff of Fire, suit of magical Solamnic armor (type unknown), ancient ogre weapons, a set of clay pots dating back to the Time of Light, and other various items of interest to historians. Jaclyn has access to any number of magic items.

She has a set of bookbinding equipment (glue, hammers, assorted knives, two vises, cords and needles, leather for book covers, and a binding press – a wooden frame strung with cords for making bindings.


Jaclyn Cashell is an aging wizard with a solid frame. She is squat, but not obese. She has a large face with baggy cheeks. Often her eyes look puffy, thanks to long hours spent poring over old scrolls and tomes. Jaclyn's hair was once intensely black, though it has turned grey with age. She wears her hair pulled into a loose knot that usually begins falling apart by late afternoon. Jaclyn has other things on her mind than her appearance. Her threadbare robes are patched at the elbows, and the sleeves show stains where candle wax has dripped during her late-night studies.


Conversation with Jaclyn often proves bewildering. She has a brilliant mind but forceful and unpolished manners. She can speak with confidence and authority on almost any topic, but tends to understand theories better than practical applications. Magic is her favorite subject, and she can expound at length about magical theories and accomplishments from any point in Ansalon's history.

Unfortunately, her vast store of knowledge often gets in her way – she seems unable to finish a thought without wandering off to explore several other ideas, no matter how obscurely related they might be to the subject at hand. Sometimes, several ideas strike her at once, reducing her speech to a series of unintelligible monosyllables until she gets herself straightened out. Other times she forgets the topic of conversation entirely, but she's never shy about asking what it was, then picking up where she left off. Nobody can speak briefly with Jaclyn – she never wants to end a conversation until she's said everything that comes to mind.

Despite her proclivity for lengthy diatribes, Jaclyn spends most of her time reading and studying. This librarian becomes so engrossed in her work that she often forgets to eat or sleep. When fatigue finally overcomes her, she usually just nods off where she sits, no matter what she may be doing at the time.


Jaclyn Cashell was an apprentice to Justarius himself. She eventually settled in Palanthas to make the study of magic her life's work. When the Knights of Takhisis invaded Palanthas in 383 AC, Jaclyn laid low. She ignored the Dark Knights' orders restricting wizards to the Tower of High Sorcery and continued life much as she always had. Jaclyn credits her freedom in that era to her unassuming ways. Jaclyn left Palanthas in 384 AC when the Tower of Palanthas disappeared.

After the Chaos War, Jaclyn occupied herself with studying items of magic, trying to bring back the power of High Sorcery. She learned the power of Wild Sorcery, but considers it a poor substitute for the power of true arcane magic – High Sorcery. She felt that the dissolving of the Orders of High Sorcery was a bad idea during the Last Conclave and considered herself to still be a Red Robe throughout the pre-War of Souls era in the Age of Mortals.

Since the War of Souls, Jaclyn has assumed the mantle of head librarian at the Tower of Wayreth. Jaclyn maintains correspondence with her friend Nathal of Palanthas, a historian specialized in the events of the modern era, in order to keep informed of world events.

In Your Campaign:

Jaclyn Cashell would most likely be encountered by player characters, primarily wizards, with questions regarding magic and its history. She will discuss such issues at length. She will often ask travelers to carry letters to her friend Nathal in Palanthas for her. Jaclyn's life work is a tome detailing the magical artifacts of High Sorcery. Those with a question on a magic item would be wise to speak to her.

Jaclyn's Suite at the Tower of Wayreth

Jaclyn's suite is on the 9th floor of the north tower. It is representative of the type of dedicated eccentric that Jaclyn is. Her writings are crisp and tidy, but her laboratory is filled with clutter. Unwashed dishes, hastily scrawled notes, dull quills, and stray volumes carpet the room like autumn leaves.

Jaclyn is generally found studying in her quarters. Her life's work is a tome detailing the magic items of High Sorcery. She has an unusual work table shaped like a "C," which gives her ample room to work and lets her keep more things within reach. Unfortunately, the room's general clutter has invaded the table, though Jaclyn keeps it at arm's length to allow her room to work.

A suit of magical Solamnic armor stands next to Jaclyn's desk. She intends to study its magical properties someday, but she hasn't quite decided how to apply her usual methods to it. Normally she likes to test an item by actually employing it as it was intended to be used. However, the elderly librarian has no desire to "play knight" against a real foe.

Jaclyn's sleeping room features a canopied bed, an expensive woolen rug, and three chests full of esoteric items she has acquired over the years.


  • Heroes of Sorcery
  • The Last Tower: The Legacy of Raistlin

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