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Artifacts and Magical Items of Dragonlance

D&D 4e Rules

by Raistlinrox

For nearly 30 years, the world of Krynn has leapt from the pages of Dragonlance novels and game books, inspiring readers with a unique blend of epic storytelling, colorful (and sometimes dangerous) characters, and one-of-a-kind locales. Perhaps more intriguing than any of these things, though, is the fact that the swords, staves, and other magical items carried by both heroes and villains all had a history, a story, of their own. Some of these items have histories as long as, or even longer than, the existence of the ancient elven nation of Silvanesti. Do you dare to handle one or more of these items yourself, and perhaps add another chapter to the item's already written history?

Artifacts and Magical Items of Dragonlance

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