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Interview with Adventure Portal Team pt 1

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

The following is an interview conducted by the Dragonlance Nexus with Adventure Portal project head Chuck Martinell. We had the opportunity to sit down with Chuck and discuss him what this project is about and how it's going to impact Dragonlance.

DN (Dragonlance Nexus: Thank you Mr. Martinell for taking the time to meet with us. You are involved in some very exciting things that are taking place; can you tell us what the Adventure Portal project is about?

CM (Chuck Martinell): Call me Chuck, thanks for taking the time to talk about this project. The Adventure Portal project is focusing on the gaming side of Dragonlance. What we are doing here is putting together gaming articles to help fill in eras of information that haven't been finished yet.

DN: What do you mean; can you elaborate a bit more?

CM: Sure, what we are doing here is looking at what there is already out there in gaming product. There has been a ton of product already put out there but you can honestly classify this material into a few categories. Most of the information out there is WotL/Legends, SAGA or War of Souls. There is very little product out there that covers any other ages of the setting. Some of the Margaret Weis Productions material included some earlier information but none of it focused on other settings.

DN: So you aren't working on a War of the Lance project?

CM: No, that is something that isn't needed to be worked. There are around 50 products already out there covering that time. We feel that there isn't much of a story left to tell there that hasn't already been told. It's a great era but it doesn't require extra information to make it worth gaming in.

DN: On the Nexus lately you and your team have posted quite a few articles. Can you tell us what the plans are with these articles?

CM: Sure, what we are currently working is another sourcebook.

DN: A sourcebook? Who, what, where, give us the details?

CM: The sourcebook is going to cover the post War of Souls timeline. As most fans of Dragonlance know this time is covered in the novel line, but the gaming line never had the opportunity to expand the information. We are giving people a few articles up front here to see what we are working on.

DN: Is this stuff created by the Adventure Portal team or is this found in already published material?

CM: About 90% of information we are putting out is things discussed in a variety of sources. It's a huge challenge to track all of this information down but it also provides a ton of possible gaming material. What we are creating is the 10% not outlined by anything or expanding information given to make it fleshed out. It's hard for people to understand some of this information unless they go back to the sources we used.

DN: What do you mean?

CM: A while ago we were researching Ergoth and its future post WoS. What we discovered in the literature was a nation expanding into a desert region (Sikk'et Hul) and wanting to reclaim Southern Ergoth. The emperor (Redic VI) was already pushing the goblins of the region out. This was all factual and was found in four or five different sources. To help flesh things out we have added a few more details. For example we added in the Black Dragon Army and had the emperor die.

DN: Isn't that a bit extreme, you killed a ruler off?

CM: The character of the Emperor had run its course. It was time for his children who are more aggressive to take over. Also with the story the Citadel you have a flying citadel landing the Black Dragonarmy. While defeated the survivors of that force would flee and the desert is open and full of ruins. It was a natural fit for the Black Dragonarmy to go into hiding and develop into its own society.

DN: Can you tell us the timeline of the Ongoing Adventures Sourcebook?

CM: Yes, we are shooting for a March 1st chapter preview. What you are seeing posted as articles on the Nexus isn't the finished product but rather information that is ready to be presented to the public. It will be revised for the sourcebook as needed. On September 1st, 2013 we are planning on unveiling the sourcebook.

DN: How long is it going to be?

CM: Originally we had thought it would by an 84 page book. More of a fluff book covering the geography of Ansalon in the years following the War of Souls up to 435AC. What has happened is that we have found ways to create more crunch into the sourcebook. NPC's, weapons and a whole new religion to map out. We are looking at a several hundred page book now.

DN: What are your plans following this project?

CM: We have plans during this project. On March 30th we are going to drop a Taladas article and have a few more in the work prior to the end of the year. Following this sourcebook we are going to be working on a Chaos War sourcebook. We have a great opportunity to create something that is missing. In 2014 we will have that book ready and have a ton of other projects going on including looking at the other continents of Krynn, visiting other eras for sourcebooks and creating some alternate timelines. Really we have about a ten year plan right now, but I can't say too much about the long term stuff right now.

The rest of the interview will be presented next week.

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