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Treatise on Nordmaar

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Bobbo the Beggar

Treatise on Nordmaarian People

Author's note: I was never well thought of amongst my peers within the Church of Gilian. I never minded it, all my life I had been an outcast, shun for what I was, I did not expect any less for them. I was thoroughly surprised -and a bit worried- when I was asked to meet with Denesthor one of the Master of Time of Gilian in Kalaman. On the appointed day, I meet with him and I glad to see that despite his 'unease', he was quite polite.

After offering me a drink, he went directly to the point and informed me that the library of Gilian had an unacceptable lack of up to date information (and in some cases any information at all) about most nation in the East coasts of Ansalon. And, although, other would be better suited for the task –and here he lamented the death of Bertrem- I had a distinct advantage over them all in that I was native of these parts and as a half-ogre I was less likely to be killed on sight in the Ogre Nations.

The task is enormous, but I was never one to back down from a challenge. And with this I made my way up to North Keep first, before hooking down into the Ogre Nations. And, hopefully, future readers of these Treatises will find the valuable and use this information wisely.


Initiate of the Church of Gilean.

Treatise on Nordmaarian People

The history of the Nordmaarian People is in reality the history of two People: The "Ethnic" Nordmaarian and the Horselords. Both from separate origins, but ultimately their Fate is tied together.

The Dark-skinned "Ethnic" Nordmaarian are the initial settlers of the Pre-Cataclysm Nordmaarian Islands. Settled thousands of years before the Cataclysm, no one knows for sure where they came from. However, early Ergothian explorers had hypothesized that they were related to the Barbarians living in the Northern plains of the Ergothian Empire.

Aside from some minor trading, there wasn't much interaction between Ergothian merchants and the Islanders All contact was lost after the fall of the Ergothian Empire. The Cataclysm changed the face of the islands. Instead of being destroyed by the upheaval, the sea bed between Ansalon and Nordmaarian islands rose and connected the two.

In the three centuries following the "Rising", The Nordmaarians tribes united in response to an invasion from Southern barbarians and came into contact with Solamnia. This occurred when the renowned explorer and Knight of the Rose, Janothon Wictun, came to explore the newly emerged land. Although this would lead to a somewhat rocky relationship between the two nations, it was a peaceful one (aside from the occasional skirmish most notably in 202 AC).

The origin of the Horselords is somewhat obscure in history for lack of written records. However Horselords' oral history speaks of a long journey follow the sinking of the horse plains and a priest of Gilean estimated that they originated from around the South Shores. In their journey to Nordmaar they crossed the Hills of the Midland, traveled north toward the North Shore and crossed the borders of Nordmaar near the modern day town of Wulfgar.

Initial contact between the two societies was not peaceful and several clashes occurred between them. The Horselords had quick early success but with the arrival of a Solamnic expedition who allied with the Nordmaarian the conflict was quickly resolved.

Over the course of the following century, the Horselords mostly settled in the Southern part of Nordmaar. By remaining mainly isolated both Nations learned to co-exist somewhat peacefully. Although they preferred to be independent the Horselords ended up paying lip service to the King of Nordmaar, but ultimately remaining loyal to their Khan.

In 348 AC the Red Dragonarmy launched an invasion of the northern coast. The Nordmaarian King Huemac Kerian died in the initial attack. His successor, his son Shredler Kerian, quickly surrendered to the invading army. Meanwhile the Khan of the Horselords, Fezall, proved to be a bigger thorn in the Dragonarmy's side as he kept fighting even though many of his forces were killed in the process. The Red Dragonarmy remained in control until 357 when Nordmaar was finally liberated.

Peace did not last long as Nordmaar was invaded once more in 383 AC by the Knights of Takhisis during the War of Chaos. Again King Shredler capitulated –causing some unrest within the ranks of the Nordmaarians, whereas the Horselords, under their Khan, fought again (to great loss of life) for their freedom. Also, several villages and settlements along the Eastern half of Nordmaar were destroyed by Shadow Wights. No records of these settlements and their inhabitant exist anymore. Shortly after the Knight of Takhisis left and Nordmaar was once more free. In 399 AC a black dragon, Mohrlox (Pitch), took over the Great Moor and the surrounding area. He was later named King of the Great Moor by the inhabitant who swore fealty to him.

Despite the War of Souls, the following 2 decades were quiet -relatively speaking. They Nordmaarian mostly kept to themselves, cleansing their land of the Shadow Wight infestation and in 221 AC - 422 AC weathering as best as they can Mina's onslaught on Ansalon. Thankfully Nordmaar was mostly ignored by her and her army. In 422 AC King Shredler died shortly after the war and Mohrlox was cured of the bakalian plague that ailed him and brought him to the brink of death by a group of adventurers. These two seemingly benign events had a major impact. Upon recovery Mohrlox, began to change in his way of ruling, becoming more of a true leader then a tyrant. Whereas for the new King, Nacon II managed to do what was though impossible: Uniting the Nordmaarian and the Horselors under one rule.

In the following fifteen years or so, Nordmaar was able to flourish. United, the Nordmaarian were able to finish cleaning their land of the Chaos creatures that plagued them. Plans were drawn up to start building several watchtowers along the Western and Southern border. As of 435 AC, five are currently completed along the southern border –all of which are garrisoned by Nordmaarian and patrolled by Horselords- and 3 moreare in progress and in various state of completeness.

In 429 AC, Mohrlox sent a small human delegation to meet Nacon II in Wulfgar. They were met privately and the meeting lasted the most part of 2 days after which the delegation left. The exact nature of the negotiations are unknown, the only known fact is that both Kings agreed to Pact of non-aggression

In the winter of 434 AC - 435 AC, King Nacon II met with all of his advisors for the major part of the winter month and in the springtime the King made his most important announcement to date: Colonists were sought to rebuilt and repopulate the Eastern part of the country that had been ravaged, decades ago by the shadow wights.

In the Fall of 434 AC, the Horselords' High priest Gregath collapsed for no apparent reason and was in a restless coma for over two week. Upon awaking, he called for water and then called all Horselords barbarians for a Sher'thiak a Great Sprit Gathering for the autumnal equinox of 435 AC. No such gathering having been announced since centuries before the Cataclysm.

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