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Palanthas Herald January Issue 2012

Universal Rules

by Gerrin, BeezerMN, Aya, Ken A. Keller Jr. , Nick Barfuss, Lindsay Archer, Ray Morris, Lauralan, Weldon Chen

The Herald's Line Up


Flying Citadel Spotted Citizens Concerned

Former Senator Arrested on Suspicion of Smuggling

Tika's Legendary Frying Pan For Sale?

Yule Ball Celebration the Centerpiece of the Yule Season

Renovations Planned for High Clerist's Tower


Ramblings By the Fire

The Herald Game Review: Conquest of Nerath

Dragons of Highlord Skies: A Dragonlance Novel Review

Other Bits

Tavern Rumors

The Kender's Pouch

and so much more

Palanthas Herald January Issue 2012

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