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Divine Oracle of Zivilyn

D&D 4e Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

“I have seen your fate, written in the currents of the River of Time.”

Prerequisite: Cleric class; must worship Zivilyn.

Zivilyn’s Divine Oracles, known also as Alluvial Oracles, are the chosen seers of Zivilyn, the God of Wisdom. As a Divine Oracle, you have contemplated and studied the lessons of past choices and decisions to be made. You bring prophecy and omens to the people, guiding them in their lives.

Zivilyn’s calm and measured nature is reflected in his Divine Oracles. Divine Oracles are counselors, serving also as guides, advisors, and judges. They are as patient and pragmatic as the River of Time itself. Top of Form

When you use your prophetic powers, though, your eyes glow with the silvery depths of the Astral Sea.

Alluvial Oracle Conversion Notes:

When looking at converting 3rd edition paragon paths to 4th edition, one must look at what already exists in 4th edition. In the case of the Alluvial Oracle of Zivilyn, there is no need to make a conversion as the Divine Oracle already fills this role.

The Alluvial Oracle includes a lot of divination abilities. To replicate this feel, be certain to make use of divination rituals.

  • Suggested Skills: Diplomacy, History, Insight, Religion
  • Suggested Feat: Alertness


  • Player’s Handbook 4th edition, page 73.Bottom of Form
  • Holy Orders of the Stars, pages 28 – 30.

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