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Age of Dragons: Expanded & Revised

Universal Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

The Cataclysm marked the end of one age, and the beginning of another. A new age, the Age of Darkness, was marked with great destruction, famine, and plague. It was a time when the gods were withdrawn from the world, withholding the power of divine magic and true healing.

One age would give way to another with the Age of Dragons. This age marked the return of the gods and of dragons. It is an era of war, and of a newfound and uneasy peace that follows.

Age of Dragons (332 AC – Present)

332 – 340 AC – Dragons Gather/Dragon Highlords Named

Takhisis gathers evil dragons, ogres, and wicked men, who become the dragons' commanders. These Highlords prove as willing to torture their own forces as they are those they conquer.

337 AC – Neraka Corrupts Its Neighbors

Evil from the Foundation Stone draws evil creatures from nearby realms.

341 AC – The Dragonarmies' Offer

An alliance is offered to the ogre nations of Kern and Blöde, as well as the human kingdom of Khur and the Pirate Isles. All accept rather than be destroyed.

342 AC – Draconians Created

Black Robe mages and clerics of Takhisis corrupt captured good dragon eggs, creating draconians.

343–347 AC – Evil Gathers Its Forces

Armies of cutthroats, ogres, goblins, and hobgoblins are trained to serve in the Dark Queen's armies.

346 AC – The Companions' Journeys

A group of adventurers known as the Companions of the Inn of the Last Home decide to undertake separate quests, searching for signs of the lost gods.

348-353 AC – War of the Lance

Ansalon falls before the might of the Dragonarmies. Through the efforts of the Heroes of the Lance and the Whitestone forces, the Dragonarmies are driven back. The Dragonarmies are left scattered across Ansalon, retreating into remote corners of the continent. Dragons, both metallic and chromatic, retreat as well.

Master of Past and Present: Raistlin Majere enters the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas and is declared the Master of Past and Present.

355 AC – The Knighthood Evolves

Gunthar Uth Wistan becomes the first Grand Master of the Knights of Solamnia since the Cataclysm. One of his first orders is for the Measure to be updated to reflect he modern knight.

356 AC – Master of Past and Present

Raistlin and Caramon Majere journey to the past, accompanied by Crysania and Tasslehoff Burrfoot. They reach corrupted Istar, intent upon changing history and challenging the Dark Queen. Raistlin defeats and absorbs the essence of Fistandantilus. With Crysania, Raistlin journeys through time to the Abyss, hoping to defeat the Dark Queen.

357 AC – The Blue Lady's War

The Blue Lady, Kitiara, makes a pact with Lord Soth. Together, they lead a dragonarmy from Sanction and, with a flying citadel, attack northern Solamnia, including Palanthas. The dragonarmy is defeated, Kitiara is killed and Lord Soth disappears with her body.

Sealing the Portal: In the Abyss, Raistlin Majere sacrifices himself to hold off the Dark Queen while Caramon saves Crysania. Caramon seals the Portal of the Abyss, trapping the Dark Queen and Raistlin inside, presumably forever.

Ariakan Goes Free: Solamnic Knights release Lord Ariakan from captivity. Following a vision he receives from the Dark Queen, he decides to form the Knights of Takhisis.

360 AC – Que-Shu Rises Again

Goldmoon and Riverwind help to rebuild the destroyed village of their people, and are chosen to lead them.

362 AC – A Union of Elves

Porthios Kanan and Alhana Starbreeze marry in hopes of reunifying their peoples.

370 AC – Knights of Takhisis Founded

Lord Ariakan officially invests the first Knights of Takhisis. All knights receive the Vision: a look at their own personal roles in the Dark Queen's divine plans.

371 AC – A Journey Forward

Tasslehoff Burrfoot activates the Device of Time Journeying with Fizban's permission, and jumps into the future to speak at Caramon's funeral. For whatever reason, however, he does not return. The fork in the River begins here, though this stream's course holds nearly true for another decade.

378 AC – A Journey of Honor

Tanis Half-Elven and Caramon Majere journey to Storm's Keep and meet Steel Brightblade, the son of Sturm Brightblade and Kitiara uth Matar. Tanis reports the existence of the Knights of Takhisis to the Knights of Solamnia, the Temple of Paladine, and the Orders of High Sorcery, but few heed his warnings.

380 AC – United Plainsmen

All the scattered tribes of Abanasinia now look to Goldmoon and Riverwind for leadership.

381 AC – Mages Storm the Keep

Wizards sent by the Orders of High Sorcery attack Storm's Keep, seeking to wipe out the wizardly Knights of the Thorn. Justarius, Red Robe Master of the Conclave, is among those lost in the attempt. Dalamar the Dark becomes leader of the Conclave.

382 AC – Elven Succession

Porthios, the Qualinesti Speaker of the Sun, successfully ends Lorac's twenty-year Nightmare of Silvanesti. Gilthas, son of Laurana and Tanis Half-Elven, is unwillingly placed on the throne of the elven kingdom of Qualinesti through a coup led by General Konnal, who simultaneously steals away the Silvanesti throne as well. Porthios and Alhana are named dark elves and are forced to flee from both elven kingdoms.

Changes in the Knighthood: Gunthar Uth Wistan retires, while Sir Thomas of Thelgaard becomes commander of the High Clerist's Tower. Sturm and Tanin Majere become the first non-Solamnics to join the knighthood.

383 AC – Summer of Chaos

Intending on protecting their home from the Knights of Takhisis, the irda break open the Greygem and inadvertently release Chaos. Chaos destroys their island and threatens to destroy the world.

Birth of a Speaker: Alhana Starbreeze gives birth, in exile, to Silvanoshei.

The Knights of Takhisis invade Ansalon: At the Battle of the High Clerist's Tower, Tanis Half-Elven is ignobly slain. When the Knights of Takhisis are done, they rule Southern Ergoth, Qualinesti, all the land from Nordmaar southeast through the Khalkist Mountains (including Kendermore), south to the Plains of Dust, and west into Solamnia and Abanasinia. Northern Ergoth and Silvanesti manage to hold out, as do Thorbardin and some Khalkist Mountain hill dwarves. Mount Nevermind erupts, some say due to gnome attempts to use their war machines against the Knights of Takhisis.

Chaos War: Before the Dark Knights can solidify their grip on Ansalon, signs of Chaos erupt throughout the land. The forces of Chaos attack Ansalon, causing massive destruction in their wake.

The forces of Chaos strike at the High Clerist's Tower. Metallic and chromatic dragons battle side by side against Chaos, but all mortals in the fight meet defeat. Every knight dies defending the tower, save Steel Brightblade's unit of dragon riders and their Solamnic prisoners. Lord Ariakan is slain in the battle, leaving the Knights of Takhisis in disarray. Takhisis withdraws from Krynn, and the Vision becomes lost to her Dark Knights.

The god Reorx is aided by Palin Majere in reclaiming the broken Greygem from the devastated Irda island. The final battle against Chaos happens in the Abyss, but in this timeline Tasslehoff is not present to prick the toe of Chaos. Steel Brightblade dies in vain, and Palin and Usha flee, their quest failed. All seems lost.
Then, in the moment of greatest weakness, the Queen of Darkness returns. She had been prepared to trigger a plan she had been hatching since the dawn of time, to steal the world of Krynn for herself, but now she sees the world on the edge of annihilation. In a moment of rare sacrifice, Takhisis abandons her plan (for now at least). Instead, she fights side-by-side with Paladine against the Father of All and of Nothing. The combined might of the gods and the mortals all acting in harmony to preserve all of creation pushes Chaos back into the Beyond.

The Vision is restored.

384 AC – Rise of the Elves

Marshall Medan, who became the occupying governor of Qualinost, is recalled to Storm's Keep. Gilthas and Porthios combine their forces and drive back the Knights of Takhisis. Gilthas remains as Speaker of the Sun, vowing to abdicate the throne when Silvanoshei comes of age to take the throne of Qualinesti and Silvanesti.

Ariakan's Successor: Marshall Alexius Medan becomes Lord of Night following Ariakan's death during the Chaos War. Medan vows to maintain honor within the Knights of Takhisis, and to pursue his Vision of world peace through order.

The Last Heroes' Tomb: The Last Heroes' Tomb is constructed of black and white marble in Solace. Knights of Takhisis are honored side-by-side with the Knights of Solamnia. The bodies of Tanis Half-Elven, Steel Brightblade, Tanin and Sturm Majere, as well as those who lost their lives in the battle against Chaos are lied inside. An old man wearing mouse-colored robes walks inside, laying down a knife that he claims belonged to Tasslehoff Burrfoot.

Inspired by the ceremony, Lord Alexius Medan and Lord Gunthar uth Wistan pledge to meet in one year to discuss peace. Until then, hostilities continue.

385 AC – The United Realms

Lord Gunthar uth Wistan meets with Lord Alexius Medan in Palanthas. The two sign the Scroll of Unification, which calls for a halt to aggression between Solamnia and the Knights of Takhisis and the formation of the United Realms, an organization designed to find peaceful solutions to conflict. Construction of the Hall of Audience in Palanthas begins.

Ulin Majere Born: A male child, destined to become a talented artificer, is born to Palin and Usha Majere.

Palanthas Liberated: The Knights of Takhisis depart Palanthas, following the treaty between Gunthar and Medan. They make their new headquarters in the city of Sanction.

386 AC – The Herald Appears

A bard calling himself the Herald travels across Ansalon, spreading stories of Krynn's past. He arrives in a timely manner in places where his stories may have some impact upon things yet to come.

387 AC – The Legion of Steel

Sara Dunstan, surrogate mother of Steel Brightblade, receives a vision of her son that leads her to found the Legion of Steel, a knighthood based on the concept of neutral justice across all borders.

388 AC – The Year of Transformaton

Jenna Leads the Red Robes: Jenna becomes the head of the Red Robes.

Iryl's Epiphany: Goldmoon witnesses Iryl Songbrook healing the dwarf cleric, Jasper Fireforge, without drawing power from a deity.

The Legion Expands: Small, secretive bands of people gather in cities across Ansalon under the banner of the Legion of Steel. These people pledge to serve the downtrodden and to aid one another against the forces of darkness.

389 AC – A Draconian Nation

Draconians claim the city of Teyr, establishing the first (and only) draconian nation. The draconian rebuff attempts made by the Dark Knights to ally with their former comrades after discovering that the Dark Knights had secretly attempted to destroy them. The draconian have only one goal and that is to establish themselves as a race and a nation.

390 AC – The Power of the Heart

With the help and encouragement of Goldmoon, Iryl Songbrook further explores and develops her powers of mysticism. She is joined by Jasper Fireforge, who has abandoned Reorx to become a mystic.

Palin Leads the White Robes: Palin Majere becomes the head of the White Robes.

391 AC – The Year of Newfound Light

The Citadel of Light: Iryl Songbrook and Jasper Fireforge found the Citadel of Light on the Isle of Schallsea as a center for spiritual learning. Clerics of Mishakal assist the new mystics in learning how to harness their power.

The New Tower: After years of planning, a new Tower of High Sorcery is raised in Kalaman.

392 AC – Solamnic Knights' Council

Lord Gunthar dies. Liam Ehrling becomes the new Grand Master and produces the revised Measure, born of Lord Gunthar's dreams and completed by Lord Liam (although he will claim that it was completed by Gunthar before he died). The new Measure stresses reliance upon one another, with faith and trust placed in one's brethren. The new Measure emphasizes that a true knight lives with honor, instead of merely talking about it.

Solamnic Auxiliary Formed: The revised Measure calls for the formation of the Solamnic Auxiliary, a support group for those who believed in the tenets of the Knights of Solamnia yet were not knights themselves. The White Robe wizard Trapian is named Auxiliary Master, and is charged with building the Auxiliary's ranks. Trapian creates the Kingfishers, a group of White Robe mages that function as the antithesis of the Knights of the Thorn.

403 AC – Rise of the Shadow Sorcerer

A Black Robe wizardess, known only as the Shadow Sorcerer, rises to the ranks of the Conclave, waiting until such time that she can challenge Dalamar for leadership of the Black Robes.

410 AC – Linsha of the Rose

Linsha Majere, granddaughter of Caramon and Tika Majere, daughter of Palin and Usha Majere, becomes the first non-Solamnic woman to be welcomed into the ranks of the Knights of the Rose. She is assigned to the Clandestine Circle, a covert branch of the Knighthood.

412 AC – The Academy of High Sorcery

Palin Majere returns to his home in Solace, where he begins construction of a new academy, where students can come to learn how to wield arcane power. With the help of friends and magic, the shell of the Academy is built in less than a year and the first students arrive to begin their lessons. The Academy is dedicated to Palin's uncle, Raistlin Majere, and other great wizards of Krynn's history – Par-Salian, Justarius, and Magius.

414 AC – An Orphan Arrives

An orphaned girl is cast up on the shores of the Citadel of Light. She has no memory of hre parents or her past. Named Mina, she is adopted by Goldmoon as her protégé, for Goldmoon believes that the young orphan has the potential for greatness and may have an important part to play in the future.

418 AC – Speaker of the Sun and Stars

Gilthas abdicates the throne of Qualinesti. Silvanoshei is crowned king of both the Qualinesti and Silvanesti elves. Silvanoshei declares that both elven nations are now part of the One Kingdom (referred by some as the One Kingdom). Silvanoshei appoints his cousin, Gilthas, as ambassador to the United Realms, where Gilthas serves on the Advisory Council.

419 AC – Rise of the Ogre Titans

In the lands of Kern and Blöde, a new breed of ogre arises. Blue-skinned, wielding powerful magic, beautiful as in the days before they were cursed, these powerful ogres are called Titans. Transformed through a ritual that requires a large amount of elven blood, ogre shamans seek to regain some of their lost glory. As rival chieftans begin to compete with one another for the "honor" of undergoing the transformation, unrest breaks out in Kern, where a growing rebel movement amongst the ogres leads to a conflict with the ogre titans and their supporters.

420 AC – A Traitor in the Ranks

Sir Morham Targonne, a cleric of Hiddukel posing as a Knight of the Skull, attempts to assassinate Lord Medan by poisoning him. The traitor is caught, and Lord Medan orders his immediate execution.

Before his execution, Targonne tells Medan that he was hired by one of Medan's own officers. Medan carries out the execution himself in front of his top officers.

Funeral in Solace: Tika Majere, beloved wife of Caramon Majere and a Hero of the Lance herself, dies of natural causes. Her funeral draws crowds from all over Ansalon, wishing to pay their respects for one of the last Heroes. Her husband, Caramon, is disconsolate and h is children fear that he will not long survive the passing of his beloved wife.

421 AC – The Year of the Great Storm

The Night of Blood: In a single night, a massive coup manages to overthrow the corrupt and decadent minotaur emperor, Chot Es-Kalin, as rebels strike against him and all the clan families who supported him. Within days, a new emperor establishes himself, a former officer in Chot's elite guard, General Hotak de-Droka. His claim is backed by the power of the Temple of the Forerunners, a priesthood who worship the spirits of dead minoaurs, led by his wife, the High Priestess Nephera.

The Funeral of Caramon Majere: Caramon Majere is laid to rest as friends and family come to his funeral, the biggest that Solace has ever had. Palin, Dezra, and Laura Majere, Dalamar, Jenna, Crysania, Riverwind, Goldmoon, Gilthas, Silvanoshei, and many others are in attendance.

The kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot shows up near the end of the funeral, surprising everyone, for he has been missing for half a century. He has, in fact, traveled forward in time, from the year 371. In this timeline, Tasslehoff does not return to the past, thus ensuring his absence at the crucial moment of the Chaos War.

422 AC – Death of a Grand Master

Lord Liam Ehrling passes away quite suddenly. While there is no evidence of foul play, the Solamnics have their suspicions, pointing fingers towards Sanction. Lord Lorimar takes over as Grand Master.

423 AC - The Present

The future remains largely unwritten. Each of the major nations has become paranoid, assured that the other two will make a move at any minute. Dragons gather in Neraka and Solamnia, watching to see how the events of the world will unfold.

Design Notes:

This timeline is an expansion and revision of my original, unedited manuscript for the Age of Dragons alternate timeline in Legends of the Twins. The goal of this document was to present the entire Age of Dragons, and to expand it to include more elements from the mainstream timeline.

As of this writing, events from the War of Souls trilogy and subsequent novels have not been incorporated.


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