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Mate of Fangorsting

D&D 4e Rules

by Darcwulf

The burnished red of the sunrise reflected off the knight's armour as he hurtled through the air slamming hard into the rocky ground. Gasping, the Solamnic willed without success his stunned and bloodied body to move, to intercept the huge ogre before it reached the villagers huddled under the overhang. Desperate fear for their safety finally lent him the strength to rise, but he could see it was hopeless - he would not make it in time. A club formed from the trunk of a small tree rose high, as the wounded knight staggered forward cursing himself for his failure. Then help arrived, a sleek draconian unlike any he had seen before, dropped on wings of silver and gold from the rocks above landing hard on the ogres chest. The draconian opened her fanged maw, breathing forth a radiant shimmering light into the monsters face. The ogre hideously burned and blinded, bellowed its pain and tried to toss its attacker away. Tenaciously, the draconian held on, her claws slashing wide, slicing through the ogre's thick neck muscles as easy as the knight's sword might have, and severing its jugular. As the draconian approached him, the knight did not bother to raise his sword tip from where it rested on the ground; he just knew somehow that she meant him no harm. She was a fearsome sight to behold, blood spattered as she was, but he just knew. She laid a gentle claw on his cheek and whispered a few words, Mishakal being the only one he recognised. As the power of the Goddess flooded his body, healing his aches and pains, he smiled his thanks. The draconians returning smile warmed him more than the rosy light of the sunrise. "Please Revered Daughter, won't you tell us your name?" He called after her as she leapt into the air and began to fly away. The voice that floated back was soft and sweet, with only the tiniest hint of a hiss.

"I am called Hope."

The Mate of Fangorsting

History - The Mate of Fangorsting is the ultimate creation of the mad aurak mage Fangorsting. Desiring to make a female with whom he could breed and become the saviour of the draconian race, Fangorsting spent years perfecting his craft. He first made his patchwork creation Fangorsting's Monster out of parts stolen from living draconians and then spent years researching methods of flesh creation and flesh manipulation. The Mate of Fangorsting is the sum of these efforts and was finally given life through dark rituals during the Summer of Chaos.

Fangorsting created the female to fit his own idolised image of what a perfect draconian female should be, strong and sleek with bright silver and gold scales and large delicate appearing wings capable of true flight. She was even designed with a breath weapon styled after that of a true dragon. What the mad aurak had not counted on in all his machinations was the females mind and soul. After she was given life, Fangorsting and Fangorsting's monster fought each other over who would possess her. Terrified by the brutality of the raging combatants, the female fled into storm that had powered the rituals that had given her life.

A gentle soul, the female spent the early years of the Age of Mortals keeping her distance from everybody, most especially Fangorsting and Fangorsting's monster. She would spy on villages from a distance in an effort to learn about this world she found herself in. Eventually she found her way to Schallsea and Citadel of Light, where she was sought out by Goldmoon who personally schooled her in the power of the Heart. Goldmoon was also the one who named her, calling her Hope because of her optimistic nature.

With the return of the gods, Hope found her true path as a disciple of Mishakal and now spends her wanderings helping innocents and healing the sick and injured.

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