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Fangorsting's Monster

D&D 4e Rules

by Darcwulf

The roof of the great temple creaked under the weight of the scaled construct and a tile kicked free slid to land on the cobblestones below with an echoing crash. The hard polished stone walls were chipped and gouged where it's strong claws had dug into the masonry as it had climbed to it's perch high above the angry, frightened mob. The harsh red light from the torches flickered off the patchwork of scales that made up creatures hide. It also glinted off the naked steel blades much in evidence amongst the mob. The monster ducked, its anger hissing between razor sharp teeth, as crossbow bolts streaked over its head. With powerful swipe of a claw, a cluster of tiles was sent hurtling into the mob, tearing flesh and shattering bone. Taking full advantage of the distraction, the monster spread its wings and with a great leap took to the skies. Disappearing into the inky black night, a slithering cry echoed back, full of rage, pain and loss.

Fangorsting's Monster

History - The first creation of the aurak mage Fangorsting, Fangorsting's Monster is a patchwork construct built from parts stolen from living draconians and given life through powerful spells and dark rituals. Slow of mind, the Monster, failed to understand that it was just a single step towards the auraks ultimate goal, the creation of a draconian female. It served its creator, whom it called father, loyally for decades and during these long years of service it some how came under the mistaken impression that the female was intended to be his mate. It spent days, weeks even months sitting by the side of the partially constructed female, talking to her, as she was already alive.

When the female was finally given life during the long hot Summer of Chaos the Monster was overjoyed, but its elation soon turned terrifying anger upon witnessing Fangorsting's lustful advances towards the female. Enraged beyond reason, the Monster attacked its creator, his fearsome strength making him an even match for the powerful aurak. The newly born female fled first, terrified by the two combatants. Fangorsting, caught by the surprise of the Monster's initial attack had been seriously injured, also departed via his magic, leaving it behind to howl out its rage in an empty laboratory.

The Monster now travels the length and breadth of Ansolon searching for the female whom he believes is his mate. It also seeks its creator, Fangorsting, whom it believes betrayed it, hoping wreak bloody revenge from his traitorous flesh.

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