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Replica (template)

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by daperdepa


Replicas are small magical constructs made of metal, stone or wood, that embody the essence of the creature they represent. Sculpted on the finest materials and animated by means of magical rituals, they are employed as the ultimate, merciless guardians, visibly implanted on chests, doors or even bridges but inactive until a trespasser comes too close to avoid their attack. Replicas are specially favored by theiwar savants, who handcraft them in a deceptively inoffensive shape to lead enemies into a deadly trap.

Usual replicas are created emulating animals or magical beasts, given the simplicity to obtain the appropriate materials and the lower costs. Specially skilled or gifted arcane artisans create more powerful replicas as both a symbol of their mastery and a mean to dishearten possible intruders. Highly intelligent replicas, as the black wyrm sample provided, are especially cunning and vicious, sometimes pretending to abandon the pursuit of the intruders just to reappear with a devastating surprise attack.

Although many of them can understand and speak some languages as their base creatures, replicas never speak but to use special attacks depending on voice.

Creating a Replica

"Replica" is an acquired template that can be added to any corporeal aberration, animal, construct, dragon, elemental, magical beast, plant or vermin. A replica uses all the base creature's statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Size and Type: The creature's size changes to Diminutive until activated, when it regains the base creature's size, and its type changes to Construct. Do not recalculate base attack bonus, saves or skill points.

Hit dice: Change all current hit dice to d10.

Attack: All of the replica's natural attacks are treated as magical weapons for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

Special Qualities: A replica retains all of the special qualities of the base creature and gains those described below.

Eternal custody (Su): Both a replica and its protected location become indestructible once bonded. Neither one nor the other can be physically or magically harmed except as noted by the imbue replica spell description. If attacked, they are always considered to have a damage resistance that is one point higher than the damage inflicted and a spell resistance one point higher than what is needed to overcome the spell and be adamantine-made. This effect ends as soon as the replica reanimates and restarts again when the replica returns to its original location.

Damage reduction (Su): A replica gain damage reduction 15/slashing and magic. If the base creature already has damage reduction, it overlaps with this. For instance, a black wyrm replica would have DR 15/slashing and 20/magic.

Reanimate (Su): A replica remains inert until someone other than its creator, or anyone specifically stated by him when created, comes within 30' of the protected object or position. Then the replica automatically regains its full size as a move action and can act freely that round. Once reanimated, the replica fights relentlessly to death or until it kills the intruders, employing the base creature's tactics, even if that means move far from his protected object or position. When victorious, the replica magically returns to its original position and size as a move action, no matter distance or barriers interposed. A wall of force and any other force effect will block the replica only if its caster level is higher than the imbue replica caster's.

Perfect senses (Su): A replica can sense any living being coming into its reanimate quality's area of effect. It's treated as having both blindsight 30' and permanent true sight 30'.

Fast Healing (Su): All replicas possess fast healing 5.

Environment: Any.

Organization: Solitary or custodians (2).

Challenge Rating: Aberration, animal, magical beast, plant or vermin - Same as the base creature +3; Dragon – Same as the base creature +2; Construct – Same as the base creature +1.

Treasure: None.

Alignment: Neutral (always).

Crafting a Replica

Crafting a replica is an arduous process that involves at least 10 pounds of parts or components of the base creatures (flesh, bones, blood, bark, skin, etc.) and perfectly sculpted replicas in the finest materials. To imbue it with arcane power, it requires 500 stl worth of rare oils and precious metals. Creating the figure requires a DC 20 Craft (sculpting) check and a DC 20 Knowledge (arcana) check for the proper rituals.

Caster Level: 11th; Prerequisites: Craft Construct (see Monster Manual), animate objects, blindsight, enlarge monster, imbue replica repair critical damage, true sight. Caster must be a wizard or sorcerer able to cast Transmutation spells; Market Price: +1250 stl/base creature's size category; Cost to Create: +750 stl/ base creature's size category + 10 XP/ base creature's size category.

Sample Creature

Below is an example replica that uses a black dragon wyrm as the base creature. This replica was created as the perfect guardian by a dark dwarf savant known simply as "The Crafter." He chose to live far from the mountains his clan called home to delve into the deepest secrets of magical artistry in the tranquility of his sanctum. Concerned by the ever present nuisance of lesser beings trying to steal his dear possessions, he devoted weeks to create a faithful guardian to watch over them. The miniature dragon now lies over the dwarf's inner sanctum's door, forever waiting to defend his master's treasures.

Gargantuan Construct
Hit Dice: 35 (485 hp)
Initiative: +2 (Dex)
Speed: 60 ft., Fly 200 ft. (clumsy), Swim 60 ft.
AC: 39 (-4 size, +33 natural)
Attacks: 1 bite +42 (4d6+35), 2 claws +37 (2d8+17), 2 wings +37 (2d6+17), 1 tail slap +37 (2d8+52)
Face/Reach: 20 ft/15 ft.(20 ft. with bite)
Special Actions: breath attack, corrupt water, frightful presence, spell-like abilities, spells
Special Qualities: Immunities, keen senses, SR 26
Saves: Fort +26, Ref +19, Will +23
Abilities: Str 35, Dex 10, Con 25, Int 18, Wis 19, Cha 18
Skills: Bluff +38, Concentration +41, Diplomacy +38, Escape Artist +34, Knowledge (history) +38, Listen +40, Scry +38, Search +38, Sense Motive +38, Spellcraft +38, Spot +40
Feats: Alertness, Cleave, Flyby Attack, Hover, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Snatch, Spell Focus (Evocation), Wingover
Climate/Terrain: Any
Organization: Solitary or custodians (2)
Challenge Rating: 22
Treasure: None
Alignment: Neutral

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