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Keeper of the Word

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Sephzero

A loose collection of individuals who've been touched by the tales of the Herald, they are filled with a need to follow in his footstep and master for themselves the tales he weaves. After they've master their own retinue of his tales, they tend to travel the world to spread and learn new tales like the Herald. There is a connection amongst all Keepers of the Word for they have shared a common experience and a sense of brotherhood exists between them when they encounter one another trading tales and knowledge to ensure that all may become richer from the experience.

Joining the Keepers

All keepers share a particular experience in that they've all encountered the performing Herald and have been touched deeply by the tales that he wove. The keepers all tend to have at least a good grasp of knowledge on matters of Krynn and/or performing the many tales of the Herald too.


Any nonevil, Knowledge (History) 3 ranks or Perform (Storytelling) 3 ranks, must have been present at one of the Herald's performance.

A Keeper of the Word seeks to learn and spread the tales of the Herald and thus typically attracts members of performing or knowledgeable classes such as Bard or Master. Other classes are also attracted to this calling too and they can be found amongst their number too. While most tend to follow the path of their mentor the Herald and travel about the land, others have been known to remain in locale providing their services to the populace. They also provide a haven to other fellow keepers who travel through the area to share and exchange amongst their fellows. A keeper will never hesitate to spin a tale whenever they are in the company of others especially during visits to towns on their journey.

It is not uncommon for keepers to travel in the company of other adventurers as they realize that the path they travel is not always a safe way. Often the keeper can be a welcome addition as their knowledge and expertise on lore can provide practical aid on their travel. Further adventurers also tend to involve themselves with the tales of Krynn allowing the keeper to add more tales to their repertoire.

Keeper of the Word Benefits

The strength of a Keeper of the Word is their knowledge on the matter of Krynn even if one of them may not know the key there is a network of others whom they can rely upon to provide aid. Further the Keeper of the Word is the only ones who know unfailingly the next appearance of the Herald too. Though they may not be wealthy in terms of material goods or magical might, their knowledge and reputation has served them well in most places.

Information:A Keeper of the Word is happy to share knowledge and tales with one another. A typical member of the keepers can provide expert help as a Knowledge (history) +15 and Knowledge (any other category) +10. Further if provided with two week time to allow the question to circulate amongst fellow keepers they can provide help as Knowledge (history) +20 and Knowledge (any other category) +15. These answers will always be in the form of an anecdotes or tales that is appropriate.

Access: While most Keeper of the Word prefers to travel across the countries and spread their tales, some of them settle down for a time and instead provide their service to the populace. As such these fellow Keeper of the Word are willing to provide temporary lodging for their fellow travelers if needs be. Further if the need to find the Herald is needed, they are able to discern the next appearance of the Herald within traveling distance from which they could reach in time.

Status: Keeper of the Word in good standing gains a +2 circumstance bonus on interaction with almost any community that have an indifference attitude to them. The Herald is a well respected individual and the Keeper of the Word who follow him share in some of this admiration and respect.

Playing a Member of the Keeper

The tales are what drive the members of the Keeper, each one of them were touched deeply by a tale of the Herald, and each seeks to impart some of this feeling to others by retelling these tales. They typically seek to advance this dream by traveling across the lands from towns to entertain and inspire people with these tales. The accumulation of other tales also has interest to you too, and journeying through the lands also serves this purpose in discovering such tales.

Keeper of the Word is a chance for those that seek to have deeply-connected feel to the history of Krynn and how it continues to shape the world still. In almost any situation you face, the lore of Krynn at your disposal to help provide guidance or hope to others. While no one keeper has ever had at his disposal the entire wealth of history at their hand, each of them always have a handful of historic figures, sites of notes, and events whose tales they've mastered.


Keepers of the Word are generally pacifistic in nature. They do not consider their skill in weapons to be their focus instead relying on strength of the tales they carry. As such in combat, they would generally prefer to strike nonlethal damage on their blow. This does not mean that they'll shirk from defending their comrades or coming to aid, but combat is general something they'll commit with reservation in their heart.

A Keeper of the Word, when entering combat, always uses their knowledge to try to find anything that might aid their comrades in battle. Afterward, they generally prefer to hand back in a more supportive role such as using Aid Action or other abilities at their disposal to bolster their comrades.


The Keeper of the Word are a rather informal group of individuals who all share in being touched by the Herald and such treat each other as equal. The only truly nominal leader or superior that any of them would recognize them is the Herald who has taken no action instructing them except for providing the notion of where he may next be found performing to the keepers. This connection to the Herald is the bond that all keeper share and even those who have never encounter each other can instantly feel this bond in another.

Missions & Responsibilities

The Keeper of the Word consider it their duty placed upon them to spread the tales of Krynn as told by the Herald and those they've learned on their journey to the populace. As such a keeper takes every chance before a group of willing individuals to spin a tale for them. They are also keenly interested in accumulating new tales and participate in adventures if they believe there are tales to be found or made through it. At the same token, they also are willing to come to the aid of their fellow keeper if one should happen to find himself in danger. The possible lost of a tale of Krynn is something they do no wish to happen and is keen about protecting it.

Keepers in the World

"Those Keepers of the Word are nothing more then a deluded bunch of ramblers who believe that tales are preserve by the tongue. True knowledge can only be safely held when put to sheets and books."

--Raalumar Maccaby, Aesthetic

Dragonlance is a setting rich with history that stretches across the different Ages of the world. The Keeper of the Word enables those who have studied through this wealth of history to have a chance of pulling forth from that knowledge to enhance the experience. Keeper of the Word can also prove to be helpful allies in providing possible tidbit of lore to provide direction to their quest. Or simply a chance for them to be immerse in a tale that might inspire future endeavors drawn from the lore of Krynn.


The Keeper of the Word is not organized in any true structural manner as each member seeks to work their best abilities the interest of the whole. They encounter each other fairly infrequently, though always warmly in manner as they are keen to learning from each others. Most often a keeper is found by himself or in the company of non-keepers typically either performing before the crowd or on some journey.

Keepers of the Word are typically only found gathered together typically cause of the appearance of the Herald in the area. They enjoy listening to the one who inspire them on this journey and are quick to come to his defense in case any harm is attempted against him.

NPC Reactions

Keepers of the Word are generally welcome members of most communities much like the Herald for the tales that they bring with them. They are of course expected to entertain the populace and most keepers do not shirk at this expectation. The ways of the Keeper have brought them resentment on the part of the Aesthetics which is simply a professional difference between the two. Keepers generally get along with bards and other performers, though conflicts can ensue due to professional rivalry concerns.

Keeper Lore

Characters with ranks in Knowledge (Local) can research the Keepers to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including the information from lower DCs.

DC 10: The Keeper of the Word is a bunch of individual traveling performers.

DC 15: The Keepers are all linked by their connection to the Herald, who inspired them upon this path.

DC 20: The Keepers are one of the only individuals who are capable of knowing where the Herald will show up next. So if you want to find that individual, best to find a Keeper of the Word for the next appearance.

A successful DC 15 Gather Information check will reveal if a Keeper of the Word is present in any given community.

Keepers in the Game

The keeper are always interested in any new tales that might be found or unearthing some that might have been possibly lost due to time. They are also useful tools to provide some historical information to impart on the PCs during their campaign. Due to their attitude they are often quite open with what they can provide.

If a PC is part of the Keeper, be sure to go over with the player on the exact extent of the knowledge that he should possess in the game. Typically this should cover a handful of historic figures, places, and events just to ensure familiarity. Allow the PCs to write up a list of quotes that he may be able to use during game play. It is important to understand that while the Keeper is verse in lore, they are not all-knowing and so their knowledge should best be directed in a specialized range of topics.

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