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The Rod of Elemental Fire

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Sephzero

This artifact would likely have faded into the mist of time were it not for the last person who purportedly wielded it. A tale speaks of Lord Soth, before his fall, having won it in a fearsome battle in a place of ever burning fire. He battled against a terrifying primordial being referred to as the Elemental Prince of Fire. For his victory, Lord Soth was granted the rod and is rumored to even obtained a vow of service from the defeated Prince. Aesthetics and scholars dismiss the tale as little more then a kender's tale. But accounts of witnesses seeing Lord Soth ride forth holding the very item in hand during his raid of Palanthas or during the Summer of Chaos have bolster the tale still.

Since the collapse of Dargaard Keep and the final passing of Lord Soth, the whereabouts of the rod are unknown. Some believe the Elemental Prince recovered it, while others believe it may lie hidden somewhere in the ruined keep waiting to be discovered again. There are also rumors of similar rods from the other elemental forms, but none have been discovered or revealed as of yet.

The rod is three feet long and decorated across the surface with carved skulls and leering faces. These faces seem to subtly shift almost as if writhing in agony. Grey smokes exude from the top end constantly trailing down to the ground before vanishing. Anyone holding the rod feels a strange heat from it.

This rod strikes as a +4 flaming burst heavy mace. It can perform all the functions of a rod of flame extinguishing. The rod can be used to cast the following spell-like abilities up to three times per day as a Caster Level 10: Fireball, fire shield, and wall of fire. It can also be used to cast greater planar ally once per day, except only creatures with the fire subtype can be called.

It is rumored that even greater powers are possible to those who can glean the secrets of the rod. Lord Soth was believed to be able to use it to summon forth the Elemental Prince, but such usage would return the rod back to the being upon completion. Any such powers are beyond any normal means to unearth and the methods to unlock or use them are likely equally challenging.

Strong Conjuration (Calling); CL 17th; Weight 10 lb.


"Dargaard Keep", DL 16 World of Krynn

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