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Knights of Solamnia 4th Edition Quick-Start Guide

D&D 4e Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

The Knights of Solamnia stand as Krynn's greatest champions of order and justice. For a full background of the Knighthood, see Knightly Orders of Ansalon.

Those wanting to play a Knight of Solamnia in 4th edition may find that most of the tools needed are already available. There is little to be done in regards to new materials or conversions.

In prior editions, the knighthoods were represented through classes or prestige classes of their own. However, in 4th edition, we must think of the Knights of Solamnia as an organization in which the base classes may join. Each order has its "primary class," but this does not mean that only that one class may join.

The following is a quick-start guide to playing the Knights of Solamnia in Dragonlance using the tools already present in the 4th edition Player's Handbook and Martial Power.

Knight of the Crown:

The Knights of the Crown are the soldiers of the Knighthood. It is through their fighting prowess that the Knighthood continues to stand. As such, it is no wonder that the majority of Crown Knights are fighters.

  • Primary Class: Fighter
  • Other Classes: Warlord
  • Recommended Paragon Paths: Iron Vanguard, Knight Protector, Swordmaster

Knight of the Sword:

The Knights of the Sword are the spiritual backbone of the Knights of Solamnia. Many are fighters and warlords, guided by their faith as they approach the enemy on the battlefield.

Some, however, achieve a greater spiritual bonding with Kiri-Jolith, joining the Order of Clerists, a suborder within the Knights of the Sword who wield divine might against Solamnia's foes. Using their medallions of faith as holy symbols, they bear the spiritual might of Kiri-Jolith against the enemies of Solamnia. Most of these knights are paladins or clerics. The best representation of the Clerist is the Justiciar paragon path, though paragon multiclassing as a cleric works just as well.

  • Primary Class: Paladin
  • Other Classes: Cleric, Fighter, Warlord
  • Recommended Paragon Paths: Champion of Order, Justiciar (as the Clerist), Sword Marshal (warlords)

Knight of the Rose:

If the Crown Knights are the body of the Knights of Solamnia, and the Sword Knights the spirit, then the Rose Knights are the mind. Their leadership, both on the battlefield and off, has guided the Knighthood throughout the centuries. The warlord, then, is the natural fit for the Knight of the Rose role. When initially playing a warlord, you may have him advance quickly through the Crown and Sword Knights to become a Rose Knight. Or, you may say that he has just become a Rose Knight, bypassing the background. While this option may not be quite as satisfactory, it would enable the warlord to fill the role he was meant to take from day one.

  • Primary Class: Warlord
  • Other Classes: Fighter
  • Recommended Paragon Paths: Knight Commander, Platinum Warlord


See Knight of the Sword, above.


The Kingfisher is a White Robe wizard who works in support of the Knights of Solamnia. Only since the Age of Mortals have they been accepted into the Knighthood, though they hold little in terms of rank. Most Kingfishers are wizards, though a select few may be swordmages, blending the art of High Sorcery with the power of the sword.

  • Primary Class: Wizard
  • Other Classes: Swordmage
  • Recommended Paragon Paths: Kingfisher


The basics for playing the Knights of Solamnia are at your fingertips. While you may opt to create new paragon paths, multiclass rules, and so on, you have in front of you enough information to jump in right away.

It is my hope that this guide has served you well. Good gaming!

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