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Falyrn's Quest

Universal Rules

by The Sultan

Falyrn's Quest is a journal that details the life of an elven scribe during the War of the Lance. The rise of the dragonarmies was possible through a concerted effort to enslave conquered peoples. Most captives were sent to their deaths in mining camps such as Pax Tharkas, but a select few who possessed the skill were given remedial tasks in their former professions: blacksmiths, carpenters, cobblers, and so on. Recently, age old documents were uncovered in Neraka detailing the life of one such slave; the personal journal of an elven scribe pressed into slavery after being captured during the Silvanesti exodus. The journals begin shortly after his capture in 350 PC and continue through the end of the War of the Lance. Saved from a dreary death by hard labor by his unique language capacity and tertiary knowledge of the Dragon Orbs, the scribe's physical journey takes him from an ogre slave den to the floating citadel that attacked the High Clerist's Tower, but his spiritual journey forces him to question traditional elven intolerance of red and black moon magic.

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