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Hood of the Moon Thief

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Al Gaito

The Hood of the Moon Thief (or Raptor's Cowl as it is also known) was created during the Age of Dreams by Nuitari to further the ends of his own followers. In particular, the cowl was sewn and used by an Irda mage who had found Nuitari's power too tempting and began to worship the black moon god.

"Raptor" had been given his name because at birth he was deemed to be one of the ranger/hunters of his loose-knit family. With their respect for all things living, the Irda named him after the birds of prey which had a nesting ground on their island home.

The problem was that not long after his 28th year, Raptor's secret was discovered. He was found to be held within the grip of Nuitari's dark magic and shunned from his homeland. Emotionally broken, Raptor swore off the dark temptations of Nuitari, and vowed to win back the love of his clan. Or so he thought.

Three years to the day that Raptor had been exiled, Nuitari came to him in a dream. Nuitari showed Raptor visions of his homeland in flames, his family slaughtered, and creatures born of the sea devouring the young, all under the command of four brown robed mages. Rage that could rival that of Sargas welled up from within the Irda as he watched helplessly. Nuitari's "vision" had worked.

In all truth, there had never been an attack, and Raptor's family was quite fine - Nuitari simply could not stand to lose such a follower. An Irda following the black moon god would be nearly unstoppable. An Irda with enough hate and lust for revenge would be quite unstoppable.

To this end, Nuitari presented Raptor with the Hood of the Moon Thief and instructed him with its use, reminding him that only the power of Black Magic would grant him the power he sought. Through the hood, Raptor would gain the ability to avenge those needless deaths.

Sadly, Raptor's fate is unknown past this minor history, as is the fate of the Hood given to him by Nuitari.

Appearance: The Hood of the Moon Thief appears to be a sewn black garment made of a heavy fibrous material, and resembles a monk's cowl. The hood itself has no sewn glyphs of magical wards upon it, and to the untrained eye would seem very plain indeed. Such was the purpose of Nuitari during its creation, as he could not have mages of any other order knowing of its existence.

Functions: The hood has a handful of magical enchantments upon it, all placed there by Nuitari himself, with one in particular that outshines the others.

When worn by a follower of Nuitari, the hood functions as a focal point for spell casting. What this means is that the mage wearing the hood casts his or her spells as if Nuitari was constantly situated above Krynn at High Sanction. Regardless of the other gods of magic, and their position in the heavens, this effect remains constant.

Another ability that the hood possesses is the ability to leech magic. This leeching ability works only against the other gods of magic, and allows the mage to harness not only the power of Nuitari, but those of the Dark Moon's cousins as well. This enchantment is powerful, and only Nuitari himself could have created it, while allowing the wearer of the hood to go about draining magic unnoticed. This ability, while impressive, cannot be used to drain significant amounts of magic from the red or white moons. Rather it is enough to use in a counter against the magical drain of casting ones spells, as many mages suffer from vertigo like effects after releasing powerful magics.

Finally comes the most daunting of all the powers the hood possesses. During a Night of The Eye, when all the Moons of Magic align as one to gaze upon Krynn, the hood's power is truly unleashed. The wearer of the hood not only gains a significant boost from Nuitari, but the ability to leech magic from the other two moons increases tenfold regardless of the wearer's will.

At this point, no longer does the mage simply wield the power of the Red and White Moons to counter his spell casting, he finds that he can wield them as well. Spells that could have never been cast are unlocked and available to the mage, as if he had known them for years. This cannot be hidden from the other Gods of Magic, even by Nuitari himself.

Curse: If worn for to long, and without the magic drained from the other moons expelled, the wearer of the hood will begin to find himself uncomfortable, even in his own skin. The mage will not go to any lengths to harm himself, nor will this cause any long term mental side-effects, but after two weeks if the hood has not been at least removed, the magic within will begin the change the caster.

After the second straight week of wearing the hood, the caster's eyes will begin to glow emerald green. Three days later the mage will begin to find light of any sort painful to his eyes, though he will also find he can now see perfectly even in total darkness. After another week the caster's fingers begin to bend and become brittle, making even the simplest semantics of a spell difficult to utilize.

Within four more days the mage's skin begins to blister and peel, revealing an emerald green glow that emanates from within his body. And no more then one week later the mage's body will finally give out, the pent up wrongly-aligned magic within him becoming more then he could possibly bear, and ultimately ending in his or her sudden, excruciating death.

Note: The entirety of the "curse" can in fact be avoided if the mage is simply willing to remove the hood, before the second set of symptoms begins. The caster simply has to remove the cowl and hope that no one more powerful comes along to take it from him.

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