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Unnamable One, The

D&D 4e Rules

by Sephzero

It is a foul and repugnant existence left behind in this land from an old war. I felt its dark presence in my mind once. I hope to never feel it again and that it remains where it's been sealed where it can do no more harm.
--Dara Silvatreth, Kirath

The Unnamable called to this world during the ancient Dragon Wars, but left abandoned when evil was driven back once again. Sealed by the Silvanesti in their forest, it has waited and plotted in the depths of the pit. The horrors it will unleash once freed are unfathomable to all, but its own twisted mind.


Little is known from what dark pits of the Abyss this unfathomable horror was summoned forth in the ending days of the Dragon War. Even what war itself is unknown for all the Silvanesti who were purvey to that information are dead. All that remains are the wards which they had left behind to keep it seal within the pit.

Those who kept vigil over it kept the secret from all others taking this as their sacred duty, but when the Nightmare came to Silvanesti. All were slain leaving no one to warn of the lurking danger which now saw its chance to escape. In the wake of the War of the Lance, a lone Kirath scout by the name Dara Silvatreth stumbled upon the pit and the Unnamable dominated her hoping to use her as a pawn to engineer its escape.

The attempt was foiled by a group of Silvanesti elves lured to the site by Dara in hope of feeding them in order to replenish the Unnamable's power. They prove far more cunning and stronger than anticipated managing to not only restore the wards which seal the foul beast, but also to free Dara from its control. Sinking back into the depths of its pit, the Unnamable cursed and wait once again.

Untold decades later, a visitor came to the edge of the pit which the Unnamable did not anticipated encountering. The green dragon Cyan Bloodbane infiltrated Silvanesti and through poisoned words convinced them to trap themselves behind a shield of his own making. Forced by ancient magic which brought it to this world, the Unnamable obeyed the commands from the Green Dragon who removed the wards which held it and even feed some elves to the beast to replenishing its power.

What plans Cyan had for it remains unknown for the dragon would later be felled by Mina and the Silvanesti elves during the War of Souls. Or even when the minotaurs raided and seized the Silvanesti land, they did not discover its abode. This matter little to the Unnamable as it was free once again.


The Unnamable seeks to foment chaos amongst the hated enemies of light. It uses its enslaved agents to perform acts of sabotage and misinformation. These can be both overt and subtle as the Unnameable's malign intelligence can plot in elaborate webs. When opportunity presents itself, it is not reluctant to send undead servitors to ravaged and destroy vulnerable individuals or outposts. While opposes and torments enemies of lies, it has no strong care or disposition to support the forces of darkness either.

Only the words of an evil dragon can command it. Thus far, the Unnamable has not made any overt attempt to seek out one to command it either. It also remains a mystery what if any orders did it receive from Cyan before that dragon's passing.

Ritual Powers

The Unnamable has access to rituals that allow it to fully enslave a dominated target and to raise corpses as a variety of undead to suit its purpose. Those who fall victim to the enslavement ritual become devoted to serving their master performing any unspeakable acts of evil. A sign of enslavement shows when Nuitari is in High Sanction causing the victim's eye to glow an odd silver. Inversely when Solinari is in High Sanction the victim feels great pain and volatility. The Unnamable one may possess additional ritual powers so far unseen.


The Unnamable resembles a large black cloud almost 40' in diameter, with very solid sets of sharp teeth which fade in and out across its form. It always hovers off the ground never once dropping low enough to touch it.

The Unnamable Level 20 Elite Controller

Gargantuan Immortal Magical Beast XP 5600 Initiative +16 Senses Perception +30; all-around vision, darkvision
Oppressive Presence (Fear) Aura 4; enemies in the aura takes a -2 penalty to all defense.
HP 376; Bloodied 188
AC 36; Fortitude 34, Reflex 32, Will 36
Saving Throw +2
Immune disease, poison; Resist 10 variable (3/day), insubstantial
Speed fly 10 (hover)
Action Point 1

[Basic-Melee] Bleeding Bite (standard; at-will)

Reach 3; +25 vs. AC; 2d6+6, and ongoing 5 damage (save end).

[Range] Sealing Orb (standard; at-will) *Psychic

Range 5; +24 vs. Will; 2d6+8 psychic damage, and the target cannot use encounter attack powers, daily attack powers, or utility powers (save ends).
Aftereffect: The target is weakened until the end of its next turn.

[Range] Phantasmal Slayer (minor; recharge 6) *Illusion

Range 10; the target is confronted with a frightening images from their mind; +24 vs. Will; the target is dazed (saves end).
First Failed Save: The target is stunned (saves end).
Second Failed Save: The target falls unconscious (saves end).

[Ranged] Dominating Assault (minor; recharge when 1st bloodied) *Charm

Range 10; +24 vs. Will; the target is dominated (saves end, with a -2 penalty on the saving throw).
Aftereffect: The target falls unconscious (saves end).

[Area] Death Fog (standard, sustain minor; recharge 5,6) *Acid, Zone

Area burst 2 within 20; +24 vs. Fortitude; 4d8+8 acid damage. The burst creates a zone that lasts until the end of the Unnamable's next turn. The zone is considered difficult terrain. Any creature that starts its turn within the zone takes 10 acid damage. The Unnamable can sustain or dismiss the zone as a minor action.

Forceful Teleport (move; recharge 5,6) *Teleportation

The Unnamable can teleport 10 squares. Enemies adjacent to the Unnamable before it teleports are pushed 1 square.

Threatening Reach

The Unnamable can make opportunity attacks against all enemies within its reach (3 squares).

Alignment: Chaotic Evil Languages: Abyssal, Draconic, Telepathy 20
Str 23 (+16) Dex 23 (+16) Wis 20 (+15)
Con 20 (+15) Int 20 (+15) Cha 26 (+18)

Unnamable Tactics

The Unnamable opens with a Dominating Assault hoping to gain a new ally. If enemies are cluster together, it will unleash Death Fog on them, else it uses Sealing Orb for anyone within range. Any target trying to get close will be target by a Phantasmal Slayer. The Unnamable uses Forceful Teleport to escape from adjacent enemies.

Unnamable Lore

A character knows the following information with a successful skill check.

  • Religion DC 35: The Unnamable is a being called forth from the pits of the Abyss. It is typically bound to obey the words of an Evil Dragon. This is also the way it can be banish from the world, if command so by an Evil Dragon.
  • History DC 35: The Unnamable had been sealed in Silvanesti since the end of a Dragon War. During the Silvanesti attempt to purge the Nightmare from their forest, it almost broke free from its seal using a Kirath named Dara Silvatreth.
  • History DC 40: After its failed release, the House Protector took charge once again over watching the threat, until the Silvanesti mage Glaucous discharge them. He claimed to put an additional shield which would require no custodian to watch and the site has remained forbidden for any to enter since.


  • Tree Lords by John Terra

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