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The Blue Partisans

Universal Rules

by Kendermage

"Freewill is anathema. It leads people to make all sorts of poor choices and leads them down the road to ruin. The Kingpriest had it right when he instituted the Edict of Thought Control – Evil thoughts do equal evil acts. People may rebel against my pogrom but only by controlling thoughts can we hope to have order in the Empire."

– Grayson Halliwell, Monitor Prime of the Blue Partisans.


The Blue Partisans are an organization that has only recently come to the attention of the people of Palanthas. Emperor Markham announced their existence when he used them to arrest the members of the Palanthas Senate whom he accused of conspiring against him. Since then the Blue Partisans have quickly become an intrusive force into the lives of everyday Palanthians.

The Blue Partisans are the brainchild of Grayson Halliwell, a former white-robed wizard who turned renegade. Halliwell began his career serving in the Solamnic Auxiliary and assisting the knighthood with his magic. Over time, Halliwell watched as law and order seemed to deteriorate day by day in Palanthas despite the best efforts of the knighthood. The knights were hampered by the fact that they could only respond to a situation, not prevent it, the same went for the City Guard. Halliwell came to believe the only way to reduce criminal activity in the city was by actively seeking it out before it had a chance to get out of control.

To this end, Halliwell propsed a bill to the Palanthas Senate that would allow his white-robed brethren in the Auxiliary to use spells to read the minds of people to detect criminal intent so it could be crushed quickly. The Senate debated many months on the subject, eventually voting not to put the bill into law, but in the meantime, Halliwell and several of the Auxiliary began using mind reading on anyone they even suspected of illegal activity, and called themselves the Vigilant Eyes.

Publicly, Halliwell and his cronies obeyed the Senates mandate of No Mind Reading, but when the eyes of the politicians were averted elsewhere they violated the sanctity of even the common people's minds. During the period in which kender became a huge problem in Palanthas, Halliwell jumped at the opportunity and sponsored a bill called the Kender Rehabilitation Act. It was overwhelmingly approved by the Senate.

Halliwell used his magic to tag kender that came into his custody with an arcane symbol that would allow the kender to unwittingly read the minds of those they came in close contact with; ultimately serving as Halliwell's ears on the street. Knowing the kender could not keep such thoughts secret he counted on them telling the nearest person they saw.

The Senate eventually repealed the Kender Rehabilitation Act, but by that time it was too late, Halliwell had created hundreds of the mind reading kender he called "Thought Handlers". It is also around this time that his activities reading the minds of ordinary Palanthians came to light, and he was imprisoned pending trial along with several members of the Vigilant Eyes.

During opening arguments at their trial, Halliwell and his conspirators disappeared; a fact made all the more amazing because it was done under the watch of one of the Orders of High Sorcery's Renegade Hunters. Afterwards Halliwell and Co. disappeared.

It would be nearly seven years before Halliwell resurfaced.

Halliwell was ultimately pardoned by the Emperor of Solamnia, Jaymes Markham. He laid low for a few months then rebounded into the spotlight as the Monitor Prime of the Blue Partisans. He now makes the safety of the Emperor and the Solamnic Empire his personal responsibility.


The Blue Partisans are devoted to the safety of the Emperor and of the Solamnic Empire. They are pledged to rooting out threats to the Emperor and the Empire wherever they may be found. It doesn't matter whether those threats are physical, verbal or mental, the Partisans will sniff them out.

Headquarters/Areas of Influence.

Currently the Blue Partisans only patrol the city of Palanthas, but there are plans to expand patrols first into the other large cities of Solamnia and eventually to have a squad of Blue Partisans in every community.


The Blue Partisans are led by the Monitor Prime and a handful of officers who make up the inner circle of the Blue Partisans known as the Vigilant Eyes.


The Blue Partisans have no allies per se. The can call upon members of the City Guard or the Solamnic Legion to assist them with arresting criminals or those accused of seditious acts or thoughts. The Blue Partisans do not consider either of these organizations allies, merely tools to use to get the job done.


Since their inception the Blue Partisans have made a number of enemies, foremost among them is the White Witch, Coryn Brinefolk.. Coryn as the Head of the White Robes is sworn to uphold the laws of the Conclave which Halliwell has repeatedly broken. She cannot legally pursue him in Palanthas as he is under the protection of the Emperor, but she believes Jaymes Markham made a mistake in pardoning Halliwell. She seeks a way to secure an audience with Markahm to get him to see reason; thus far she has been stymied both politically and magically.

The Blue Partisans also angered the Palanthas Spears first when they arrested the members of the Senate then when they arrested the upper echelons of the Spear organization. The Spears have become an organization devoted to the citizens of Palanthas rather than the crown and have in turn earned the ire of the Blue Partisans; who have marked them as a rebel organization that will be smashed.


Most of the members of the Blue Partisans are warriors by nature. Halliwell knew he needed a strong military arm when her formed the Blue Partisans and approached the Emperor with his ideas for a police force unburdened by concerns of freewill.

Joining the Organization

One does not join the Blue Partisans simply by asking to sign up. To date the only members of the Blue Partisans are those that have pledged themselves to the principles espoused by the Vigilant Eyes and have undertaken the Opening of the Mind ceremony, in which he voluntarily and permanently opens his mind to the Monitor Prime. During the Blue Partisan is given a vision of his role within the organization and how he personally can help create a stronger Solamnia. From this point on, the Partisan is not able to conceal his thoughts in any manner. He is an open book to the Monitor Prime or any other officer of the Vigilant Eyes.

Costs and Benefits of Membership

Upon being accepted into the Blue Partisans, the recruit is given the trademarked blue-hooded cloak and helm (both to protect his identity from those who would seek to do him harm and to inspire fear), a pacification staff (shocking burst spellstoring staff imbued with three charges of hold person, the hold person spells are replenished as needed by the spellcasters in the Blue Partisans), and a medallion of thoughts which allows the Partisan to read the minds of those he suspects of thoughts against the Empire.

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