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Warlocks of Dragonlance

D&D 4e Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

The new warlock class from the 4th Edition Player's Handbook gives us a new option for player characters, yet one that may, at first, seem like it wouldn't fit the Dragonlance setting. However, closer inspection will show that the warlock can fit the Dragonlance setting. Perhaps it should be looked at as rare, but that just adds to all the fun.

Warlocks are, by nature, renegades. They gain arcane power from sources outside of the gods of magic from the magic of Wild Sorcery, and are therefore treated as any other renegade. These other sources are not other gods (save for Takhisis), as arcane magic is the domain of the moon gods. Rather, the sources are varied and usually tied to the world.

The star pact warlock draws his power from the Beyond. His magic is wild, chaotic. In fact, it is from Chaos that the star pact warlock gains his power. The innate connection to the Father of All and Nothing gives the warlock insight on how to manipulate Wild Sorcery to generate spectacular effects.

The infernal pact warlock has almost quite literally "made a deal with the devil." Takhisis is a prime candidate to grant magic through this pact. Other possible sources include the Abyss itself, or possibly one of Krynn's so-called demigods (such as Jiathuli or Artha). The infernal pact is, quite literally, the ambient power of the Abyss. Examples of infernal pact warlocks include Ariakas, Theo Drawde, and the Knights of the Thorn.

Fey pact warlocks gather their power from the ambient magic of Krynn. Their power may be granted through intermediaries such as the Hulderfolk or the dragon overlord Beryllinthranox (Beryl). Or their power may come from magical places such as the valley of Inath-Wakenti, or even the world itself (referred to as the Living Krynn). The Gray can be substituted for the Feywild for Dragonlance purposes. Bram diThon and Finkle of the Green Robes are examples of fey pact warlocks.

As time goes on, we will certainly see more and more pacts for the warlock. Certainly, a dragon pact would fit Dragonlance quite nicely.

The warlock can add a lot of story potential to the Dragonlance setting. The renegade with incredible (and dangerous!) arcane powers who has to exist outside of the Orders of High Sorcery makes for an enticing character option.

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