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Warlock Pacts in Dragonlance

D&D 4e Rules

by Cam Banks

The star pact warlock is essentially the Cthulhu/Lovecraftian warlock. It'd be appropriate for a warlock who has some unholy deal with an entity from Beyond, possibly even Chaos (although Chaos seems to be associated more with fire and ruin, and is more an infernal pact sort of guy) but there wouldn't be many of them.

The infernal pact warlock is your standard "made a deal with an evil god" warlock, at least in DL. I would use this one for Takhisis, i.e. the Dark Knights. They no longer have a pact with her, but they've been able to switch the power source from her to the ambient magic that emanates from the Abyss and into the Gray, so that works.

Fey pact warlocks would include people like Bram diThon, or the Hulderfolk of Taladas. Again, not many of them on Krynn. Elves of Ansalon don't really go for this sort of thing. The Feywild is synonymous with the Gray for Dragonlance, so it's not an impossible option, but you may want to leave it for post-Elven Exiles campaigns and have the fey pact warlock come from Inath-Wakenti.

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