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Enchanter (Sorcerer Path)

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Clive Squire


Role: The Enchanter can replace the arcane spellcaster of an adventuring group; bring with him a range of extraordinary skills and benefits. Although he is not as flashy a spellcaster as the Pyromancer or the Cryomancer, the Enchanter can use his subtle magic to enhance the ability of his companions.
Abilities: Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma are all important to the Enchanter. The Enchanters high Intelligence allows him to have more skill points that he can spend in such skills as Craft. His high Charisma enables him to have a greater spell pool and makes his spells more dangerous or effective, and a high Wisdom allows the Enchanter to keep clued into what he is doing and what is going on around him, making him more effective.
Typical Races: Enchanters can be found throughout the majority of races that have produced sorcerers, although a couple of races stand out of a separate mention. Dwarves often enchant their tools to better help them in the foundries and smithies. Both the Silvanesti and Qualinesti have found the abilities of the Enchanter useful for coxing out the best of the magical items crafted by them. By far and away the peerless masters of the arts of the Enchanter can be seen in the few surviving artifacts fashioned in ages passed by the Irda.
Alignment: Enchanters are drawn from all ranges of alignment, favoring no particular alignment.
Religion: The mercantile nature of what the Enchanter can magic has drawn them to the attention of a number of gods, some, like Branchala or Sirrion, seek to use the Enchanter to bring glorious pieces of art into being, while others, such as Hiddukel, seek to use the unwary sorcerers ensnared by his honeyed tongue to bring a large amount of profit to his cause.
Weapons: The Enchanter has no preferred weapon; any weapon in the hands of an Enchanter can become a lethal weapon as he can use magic to increase the weapon's effect or even the type of damage dealt by the weapon.
Armor: Of all the types of sorcerer, the Enchanter is one of the more likely to be seen wearing armor, this isn't to say that all of them do, just as many Enchanters wear no armor, preferring to strengthen their clothing to protect them than the hassle of trying to wear some armor properly.
Skills: The Enchanter has an undoubted, certain flair. His ability to improve things with his magic also enables him to bring out the better of people that he interacts with. The Enchanter gains Appraise and Diplomacy skill as a bonus class skills.
Recommended Feats: Due to the nature of the Enchanter it is hardly a surprise that many of the feat selection for them is taken up with Item Creation feats, such as Craft Magic Arms & Armor or Craft Wand. Other good selections for an Enchanter are feats that reduce the time taken to craft such items (such as Exceptional Artisan from the Eberron Campaign Setting), or reduce the costs for creating such items (such as Extraordinary Artisan from the Eberron Campaign Setting) or reduce the XP cost for crafting such items (such as Legendary Artisan from the Eberron Campaign Setting).
Benefit: The Enchanter is better able to cast spells while wearing armor. The Enchanter can reduce the arcane spell failure chance imposed by armor that he wears by –5%. This stacks with other modifiers to the Enchanters arcane spell failure chance that he may have from other sources (such as levels of Thorn Knight, for example).
Hindrances: Enchanters are unable to summon a familiar.
Traits: Specialized. The Enchanter is an intuitive craftsman, able to produce spectacular objects from even the most mundane or poor materials; as such he gains a +1 bonus in all Craft skill checks. This focus though comes at a price, the Enchanter is less concerned with the businesses or gossip around him and he suffers a –2 penalty to all Knowledge skill checks.
Dress: Enchanters are utilitarian; having no particular dress code as to them a gossamer tunic can be just as effective as a set of full plate armor.
Suggested Classes & Prestige Classes: Artificer (core class, Eberron Campaign Setting), Effigy Master (Complete Arcane), Gnome Tinker (Races of Ansalon), Spell Broker (Towers of High Sorcery).
Benchmark Spells: magic weapon (1st), arcane lock, knock (2nd), keen edge (3rd), break enchantment (5th), and disintegrate (6th).
Other Names: Crafters, Shapers, Forgehearts.

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