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Hydromancer (Sorcerer Path)

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Tauren Kai-Jere

Hydromancers are masters of arcane water magic, capable of taming the fury of the seas or shifting the path of a quiet stream to irrigate a farmer's crops. Water provides the basic foundation for all natural life on Krynn. Few creatures can survive without water to drink, thus making the sorcerous path of the Hydromancer one of the most influential.

Role: Hydromancers take on the role of the arcane spellcaster in an adventuring group. They are particularly valuable to a party making an extended sea voyage or adventuring in an aquatic environment. They can expedite the speed of a boat or slow pursuing ships in addition to protecting their allies against typical marine hazards, such as drowning. Although their capricious moods can make for trying personal interactions, their strong personalities command respect (especially from those in the maritime community) and allow them to magically use the water as a powerful tool.

Abilities: Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution are the most important ability scores for a Hydromancer. Their high Charisma scores are what allow them to access their aquatic magics. Strength improves their swimming abilities and Dexterity compliments their abilities to perform basic shipboard tasks. A high Constitution score will make a Hydromancer better able to concentrate when casting spells on the often turbulent deck of a ship.

Typical Races: Most Hydromancers are human, often from Ergothian or Saifhum stock. Both the Ergothian Merchant Marine and various pirate organizations are known to employ a few Hydromancers. Although the practice of wild sorcery is uncommon amongst the Dargonesti and Dimernesti sea elves some of them do become Hydromancers as do some Thanoi. Half-elves who have a sea elven parent often find the turbulent nature of water magic is a natural compliment to the two conflicted halves or their being.
Despite their long-standing naval tradition few minotaurs ever become Hydromancers. The practice of arcane magic, especially wild sorcerery, is considered dishonorable by their society at large. The notable exceptions to this rule however, are the minotaurs of Clan Teskos who are noted practitioners of the arcane arts. An upstart from this group would be the most likely candidate for a Hydromancer.

Alignment: Most Hydromancers gravitate towards Chaos, with no real predisposition to either good or evil.

Religion: Nearly all Hydromancers who look to the gods at least pay homage to Zeboim, a common practice among sailors and fishermen across Ansalon. Evilly aligned water witches sometimes worship her directly. Good aligned Hydromancers gravitate towards Habbakuk while Neutral ones traditionally worship Chislev.

Weapon Proficiencies: Most Hydromancers prefer to use simple weapons readily available onboard boats such as clubs, daggers, spears, and crossbows. Many will multiclass as mariners or fighters in order to gain bonus weapon proficiencies in other common shipboard weapons such as the cutlass, trident, or net.

Skills: Hydromancers lose the Bluff skill, but gain Knowledge (nature) in its place. Many of them focus on upping their Concentration skill or take ranks in Profession (sailor).

Recommended Feats: Alertness, Athletic, Combat Casting.

Benefit: Hydromancers may learn any divine spell with the "Water" descriptor as an arcane spell of equal level. This benefit only comes into play when the sorcerer would be able to learn new spells or be allowed to swap a known spell for another one.

Hindrances: Hydromancers cannot summon a familiar.

Dress: Hydromancer tend to dress like sailors; lightweight practical looking clothes that won't get tangled in the rigging of a ship. They prefer colors that remind them of the water like blues, greens, and whites.

Recommended Prestige Classes: Sea mage (Towers of High Sorcery), Sea witch (Stormwrack).

Suggested Spells: control water, create water, horrid wilting, obscuring mist, water breathing, water walk.

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