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Electromancer (Sorcerer Path)

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Kendermage

Cannons, sparklers, lightning rods

Electromancy is one of the most powerful realms in terms of the sheer amount of damage its practitioners can wreak with their spells. They control the awesome force of electricity, from simple static charges to the awesome power of lightning. Magnetism also falls within the purview of the electromancer making him a feared combatant.

Role: Electromancers replace the standard arcane spellcaster in an adventuring band. They are typically oriented toward combat with most of their spells being the damaging evocation kind. They are cannons with little need for subtlety.

Typical Races: Humans are far and away the most likely race to pursue study of electromancy. It is the favored realm of sorcery for many human war mages who value the hard hitting electric magic. Electromancy is very much representative of humans themselves; striking quickly, fading away, but leaving a lasting effect.
Gnomes are also prone to study Electromancy due to electricity's use as a power source for their devices. Just because a gnome uses magic doesn't mean he doesn't still tinker.

Weapon Proficiencies: Electromancers prefer to use piercing weapons, preferring metal to other materials. They love metal of all kinds for its ability to conduct electricity.

Suggested Skills: Electromancers do not have Bluff as a class skill. Electromancers do not bluff, but intimidate. They are powerful and they know it. They gain Intimidate as a class skill. Concentration is an import skill as it allows them to more easily shape and control their electrical spells.

Suggested Feats: Empower, Energy Substitution, Conductivity (Spelltouched ), Maximize, Piercing Evocation, Stormbolt

Benefit: Electromancers may learn any divine spell with the "Electricity" descriptor as an arcane spell of equal level. This benefit only comes into play when the sorcerer would learn new spells or be allowed to swap a known spell for another.

Hindrances: The Electromancer does not get the ability to summon a familiar. Should he wish to have a familiar he must spend a feat to reacquire the ability.

Traits: Reckless: Electromancers are loud and boisterous individuals. They do not shy away from combat, but like the Lightning at their command strike hard and fast. They gain a +1 bonus on damage rolls with successful melee attacks, but their accuracy suffers for this hard hitting attack and they suffer a -1 penalty on melee attack rolls.

Dress: Electromancers are a flashy lot. They favor bright colors, bordering on gaudy and garish. One common element is that in nearly ever Electromancer's outfit there is something yellow to represent lightning; whether it is a yellow shirt, a yellow sash, or even yellow leggings. They are fond of conductive metals like copper, gold, and silver and their clothes feature many buckles and plates of the metals.

Suggested Spells: 0 - electric jolt (SC); 1st - lesser orb of electricity, shocking grasp, thunderhead (SC); 2nd – crackling sphere, electric loop (SC), elemental dart, resist energy, shocking spark; 3rd – call lightning, elemental blade, energy vortex (SC), lightning bolt, magnetism (Complete Arcane), protection from energy, scintillating sphere (SC), wepaon of energy (SC); 4th – Dalamar's lightning lance, energy spheres (SC), mass resist energy (SC), orb of electricity (SC), spark shield, storm wall; 5th - arc of lightning (Spell Compendium), ball lightning (SC); 6th – chain lightning, energy immunity (SC); 7th – electrical storm; 8th – lightning ring (SC), stormwalk (Stormwrack)

Suggested PrC's: Academy Sorcerer, Elemental Savant (Complete Arcane), War Mage

Alignments: Electromancers tend to be chaotic in alignment, most seem to lean towards Chaotic Neutral. One never knows when or where lightning will strike; the same goes for the Electromancers.

Religion: Most electromancers come to see themselves as gods among men, allowing little room for worship other deities; though some do revere Zeboim in her Aspect of the Lady of Lightning.

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