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Cryomancer (Sorcerer Path)

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Clive Squire

Role: The Cryomancer replaces the normal arcane spellcaster in an adventuring group. The Cryomancer can become an invaluable companion and addition to an adventuring party, especially one that enters the frigid wastes of Icewall or climbs to the heights of the greatest mountains on Krynn. His control over cold and frost can help to protect the party from the effects of cold environments, as well as launch devastating frigid attacks against his enemies.

Abilities: Dexterity, Constitution and Charisma are the most important abilities for the Cryomancer, although a high Intelligence also is helpful. The high Charisma allows the Cryomancer to have a greater pool of magic and makes his spells more effective. A high Dexterity and Constitution allow the Cryomancer to better survival many of the perils that living in such cold wastes can bring, allowing the Cryomancer to easy cope with shifting snowfalls and fragile ice, as well as the unrelenting and ever-present cold.

Typical Races: Those races that are naturally at home within cold expanses of the glacier gravitate towards Cryomancy. Thus Cryomancers tend to be more common among the nomadic humans of Icewall. Other races from Icewall produce significant numbers of Cryomancers, such as the bestial Thanoi, that use the Cryomancer's skills in making great hollow icebergs in which the Thanoi cart hordes of ill-gotten and plunded wealth around the frozen sea in, or making ships sink due to the excess weight of conjured ice. A few arctic dwarves, as well as draconians with strong ties to elemental cold (the sivak and the frost draconians) are known to become Cryomancers. Of all the races beyond the Icewall Glacier only the cold and aloof Irda and the Kagonesti that hail from Southern Ergoth have produced any Cryomancers.

Alignment: Due to the unpredictable and wild aspect that afflicts many Cryomancers, they are never Lawful, with most of them tending towards Chaotic.

Religion: The tempestuous Sea Queen, Zeboim, has taken interest in those Cryomancers that have a cold heart of ice. Surprisingly a number of Cryomancers claim to venerate Sirrion of the Flowing Flame, citing his absence (for neutral or evil Cryomancers) causing and intensifying of the frost and cold; or noting his presence (for good Cryomancers) offering succor and warmth against the cold.

Weapons: Cryomancers tend to be drawn to metallic weapons, which are better able to channel the intense cold and frosts. As such, it is not uncommon to see cryomancers wielding anything from a long sword to a dagger.

Armor: Cryomancers never favor armors that are made from a majority of metal, instead they favor furs, hides and leather armor, if they wear armor at all.

Skills: Cryomancers tend to be light on their feet. They gain Balance and Tumble as bonus class skills, that enable them to more easily traverse the difficult snowy terrain, but due to their temperamental natures and isolated lifestyles, they lose Bluff. Most Cryomancers have more than a passing knowledge of cold environments and conditions, spending skill points in Knowledge (nature), as well as Survival. As with all spellcasters, the Cryomancer relies on having a good Concentration skill, enabling him to cast his spells effectively while in combat. Another interesting skill often possessed by Cryomancers is Knowledge (the planes), which enables the Cryomancer to understand in greater depth the nature of cold.

Recommended Feats: Energy Substitution and Energy Admixture are good feats for the cryomancer to gain as soon as he can as they allow him to change the energy descriptor of some of his spells (making them into cold spells). The Winter's Blast feat (from the Complete Mage) or the Polar Chill feat (from Unearthed Arcana) are excellent choices for a cryomancer. Evil Cryomancers find the benefits of the Lord of the Utter Cold (from the Complete Mage) feat to be useful, matching the coldness in their hearts; while good-aligned Cryomancers find good use for the Touch the Golden Ice feat (from the Book of Exalted Deeds).

Benefit: Cryomancers may learn any divine spell with the "Cold" descriptor as an arcane spell of equal level. This benefit only comes into play when the sorcerer would learn new spells or be allowed to swap a known spell for another.

Hindrances: Cryomancers are unable to summon a familiar.

Traits: Cryomancers tend to be unpredictable to those that surround them, they can be calm and rational one minute and then they can change, suddenly entering a frenzy, which if mishandled, can bring the Cryomancer's wrath on friends as much as foes.

Dress: The cryomancer favors light colors, bright whites and pale blues being most common, usually in free flowing styles that allow the greatest range of movement. They also favor wearing furs, particularly from animals with white fur or that hail from Icewall.

Suggested Prestige Classes: Winternorn (Towers of High Sorcery), Rimefire Witch (Frostburn), Frost Mage (Frostburn), Elemental Savant (Complete Arcane).

Benchmark Spells: chill touch (1st), resist energy (2nd), sleet storm (3rd), ice storm (4th), cone of cold (5th), control weather (7th), polar ray (8th).

Other Names: Coldhearts, Chilblains, Snowlords (or ladies).

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