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Aeromancer (Sorcerer Path)

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Kendermage

Also known as airheads, windchasers, windbags, and cloudwalkers

Aeromancers are masters of magic relating to air, wind, and weather. They are as changeable as the winds, and have a flightly airy nature about them. They are capable of causing the winds to bring forth weather or carry it away. They can becalm ships, or summon powerful gusts. They control the very air all creatures breathe.

Role: The Aeromancer replaces the normal arcane spellcaster in an adventuring group. The Aeromancer with his focus on air magic can be a valuable addition to any party. They are able to summon and control winds, and allow breathing in inhospitable environments, such as under water.

Abilities: Dexterity, Intelligence, and Charisma are the most important abilities for Aeromancers. High Charisma allows Aeromancers to cast powerful air magic. Dexterity allows the Aeromancer to "float" around the battlefield, and Intelligence gives the Aeromancer a wider base of knowledge from which to draw.

Typical Races: Kender are naturally drawn to the study of aeromancy as they are by nature already somewhat light and airy. Elves are also drawn to the study of Krynn's air magic; particulary Kagonesti whom view aeromancy as a gift from Habbakuk and Chislev.. Gnomes who take up the study of aeromancy do so because of the wealth of information to be obtained about air currents, weather patterns, and climate. Dwarves rarely take up the study of aeromancy, rating its use slightly above hydromancy, but only just. Minotaur like dwarves rarely take up the study of aeromancy for it's applications in maritime endeavors, however, they retain their dour natures and do not display the flightiness common to most aeromancers. Kyrie and Phaethons produce high numbers of aeromancers.

Weapon Proficiencies: Aeromancers are fond of ranged weapons but especially crossbows. They may use simple weapons, but refuse to wear armor or shields (such devices weigh them down).

Suggested Skills: Concentration is a must have skill for the Aeromancer as it allows him to more easily control the air magic at his disposal. They are very knowledgeable and as such Knowledge skills come naturally to them. Jump and Tumble are also common skills shared by Aeromancers. Aeromancers may choose two Knowledge skills of their choice as bonus skills, however due to their flighty natures they lose their Bluff skill.

Suggested Feats: Acrobatics, Astrological Forecasting, and Energy Substitution.

Benefit: Aeromancers may learn any divine spell with the "Air" descriptor as an arcane spell of equal level. This benefit only comes into play when the sorcerer would learn new spells or be allowed to swap a known spell for another.

Hindrances: The aeromancer does not get the ability to summon a familiar. Should the aeromancer wish to have a familiar he must spend a feat to reacquire the ability.

Traits: Aeromancers often come off as a bit Absent Minded. They frequently have their heads in the clouds. They pick up new concepts quickly and are very intelligent, but their airy nature makes them a bit less aware of their surroundings. He gets a +1 bonus on all Knowledge checks, however he suffers a -1 penalty to Listen and Spot checks.

Dress: Aeromancers favor light airy fabrics in pale colors such as white and sky blue; colors which remind them of the winds they control. Some evil aligned Aeromancers prefer the darker colors reminiscent of storm clouds, blacks, purples, and dark blues. Some neutral aligned aeromancers have been known to wear the colors of the sunset; orange, yellow, purple, and lavender.

Suggested Spells: obscuring mist, fog cloud, gust of wind

Suggested PrC's: Storm Caster (Stormwrack), Aeromancer (Dragon, 308), Skylord (BoED)

Alignments: Aeromancers span the full gamut of alignments. They can be of any alignment, but tend towards chaotic as the nature of wind is not very ordered.

Religion: Most aeromancers profess no belief in a higher power; elves tend to see aeromancy as a gift from either Habbakuk or Chislev.

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