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Geomancer (Sorcerer Path)

D&D 3e (3.0/3.5) Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

Geomancers are masters of arcane earth magic, using the world itself to their advantage. Through their unyielding nature, unrelenting demeanor, and plain old stubbornness, they make the power of the earth manifest.

Role: Geomancers take on the role of the arcane spellcaster within an adventuring group. They have an attunement to the earth that allows them to not only use earth magic to their benefit, but also to survive in dungeon environments. While they make poor diplomats, they show great courage and perseverance.

Abilities: Strength, Constitution, and Charisma are the most important abilities for Geomancers. High Charisma allows Geomancers to cast powerful earth magic. Strength aids the Geomancer in melee combat, while a high Constitution aids in Concentration checks and makes them resistant to physical harm.

Typical Races: Though dwarves tend to shy away from arcane magic, those who discover the power of Wild Sorcery within them tend to focus on Geomancy. With their natural attunement to the earth and their stubborn demeanor, they are natural Geomancers.

Nomadic humans, particularly the Plainsmen tribes and the desert nomads of Khur, also find the path of Geomancy appealing. With their natural connection to the earth, they learn its ways and can master its magic.

Alignment: Geomancers tend to be Lawful in alignment, though they have no predisposition towards Good or Evil. Geomancers are often rigid and unbending, as laws tend to be.

Religion: Those Geomancers who worship a deity tend to revere Reorx. As the master crafter and a deity of the earth, he is a natural fit. Some Geomancers multiclass as mystics of Earth, embracing their inner rigidity.

Weapon Proficiencies: Geomancers tend to wield bludgeoning weapons, such as clubs, maces, morningstars, and quarterstaffs. While Geomancers rarely use ranged weapons, those who do (particularly kender) take up the sling.

Skills: Geomancers gain Intimidate and Knowledge (dungeoneering) as bonus skills, but lose the Bluff skill. Geomancers are tough as nails and can be quite persuasive in their own way. They often serve as guides in dungeon environments. They are straight forward, so have no special ability to bluff. Many Geomancers focus on their Concentration skill, as well as Craft skills such as armorsmithing or weaponsmithing.

Recommended Feats: Diehard, Endurance, Great Fortitude, Stubborn (War of the Lance), Toughness.

Benefits: A Geomancer's hit die increased to d6. Geomancers gain Terran as a bonus language.

Hindrances: Geomancers are unable to summon a familiar.

Traits: Stout. Geomancers tend to be physically stocky or overweight. Their builds make them hard to physically move whenever they have a stubborn streak.

Dress: Geomancers favor earth tones, such as brown and tan, often accenting them with a fair amount of green. Geomancers accent their clothing with metals, such as silver belt buckles and golden clasps. Wealthy geomancers often wear jewelry, and decorate themselves with various gemstones. Curiously enough, Geomancers rarely wear shoes, claiming that their magic is better focused by having a physical connection to the earth.

Recommended Prestige Classes: Elemental Savant (Complete Arcane), Geomancer (Masters of the Wild).

Spells: Geomancers may learn any divine spell with the "Earth" descriptor as an arcane spell of equal level in addition to their normal selection of spells. This benefit only comes into play when the sorcerer would learn new spells or be allowed to swap a known spell for another.

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