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Warforged of the Lance

Universal Rules

by Trampas Whiteman

"But they were built for war, and in the absence of war they're somewhat at a loss for what to do."
-James Wyatt
Wizards Presents: Races and Classes

Warforged have proven to be one of the more popular new races seen in 3rd edition, so much so that Wizards Presents: Races and Classes hints that they may become a core race in 4th edition, moving to other worlds as well. While adding new races to Dragonlance isn't always an easy task, it is possible to add a warforged for those who want to play one.


As a living construct, warforged are ultimately the constructs of gnomes. During the final months of the war, the gnomes began construction of a new race of automatons, larger and more powerful than their previous autognomes, and built for battle.

The gnomes had succeeded in creating their automatons, but they didn't realize the full extent of what they created. According to legend, the god Reorx himself imbued the warforged with life from the flames of his forge. When the gnomes next gazed upon their creations, they were alive!

The few warforged that managed to fight in the War of the Lance only fought in the last few battles and in minor skirmishes with the deteriorating dragonarmies after the war. Since that time, they have sought to make a life for themselves in a world that fears them. Acceptance is all-too-rare, and for some, a life of solitude has become the only choice.


Warforged have found that acceptance among the other races is fleeting at first, as few people have ever heard of a warforged. Still, once past the initial discomfort, warforged can make fast friends.

Warforged treat gnomes with reverence, referring to them as the "Creators." To the warforged, gnomes are the closest thing to parents they have. The gnomes, in turn, have felt some guilt over creating a race of warriors when the war they were created to fight has gone. Because of this, gnomes will always try to take care of warforged and always welcome them in Mt. Nevermind and in gnome colonies. Inevitably, gnomes will try to study (or dissect!) a warforged, leading to harsh feelings. While a gnome may wish to see how best to accessorize a warforged, the warforged may come to feel that they are looked upon as a tool rather than a being. When this happens, warforged break ties with their parent race.

Humans look upon warforged with fear and mistrust at first, though some will eventually work past this. Elves think that warforged are an unnatural abomination that mocks life and defies the laws of nature. Dwarves will admire the craftsmanship of warforged, though they won't readily admit it. Those warforged who demonstrate a knack for craftsmanship may find a bond with a dwarf. Minotaurs feel that warforged are an inferior race, though they respect the warforged in battle. Ogres, in turn, see warforged as a nuisance. Draconians, especially noble draconians, see the warforged as distant "cousins." Both races were created as soldiers during the War of the Lance, a bond shared by both races.

Of all the races, only the kender will accept a warforged without question. That being said, a kender's curiosity often leads to many questions for the warforged. While reactions may vary, most warforged have a soft spot in their hearts for the childlike race.


Warforged worship Reorx the Father-Creator above all deities. As the god who breathed life into them, warforged pay him respect and seek to work as craftsmen to honor him. Shinare looks favorably upon the warforged, who are physical representations of industry. A few warforged flock to Sirrion as a god of transformation and change, seeking change in their own lives.

Some warforged follow the path of the gods of good, finding Kiri-Jolith to be a favorable deity as a god of holy warfare and brotherhood. Paladine teaches warforged to look towards their own nobility, while Habbakuk works for those warforged seeking renewal in their lives.

The gods of darkness view warforged as pawns to be manipulated. Takhisis seeks to corrupt warforged to her side. Sargonnas is worshipped by warforged who are angry at no longer being "useful" after the War of the Lance. Such warforged become Wrathful Avengers, striking at their creators and those who stand with them. Hiddukel takes pleasure in causing warforged to question whether they truly are alive. Morgion seeks to cause warforged to rust and break down, while Chemosh seeks to bring an end to what he considers to be an artificial existence.


While warforged are not a standard Dragonlance race, they can add much to your Dragonlance game. Bred as warriors, warforged now seek to make a new life in the world. The journey along the way will lead to many questions about their identity. The end of the journey will see them forged anew, not in body but in spirit.

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